Written by Jessica on Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm upset for a few reasons.

1. Taylor wasn't here (and I thought he would be).
2. These outfits BARELY fit the boys and this is the first time they've worn them! They're size 6 months and I thought they were size 12 months... Regardless, I didn't think at 4 months that they wouldn't fit into them. They wouldn't fit with their cloth diapers, I had to grab a thin disposable to put on them and they still barely snapped up. They must have long torso's...
3. I put the wrong numbers on Carter and Brayden and didn't realize it until after I had them in their bumbos and ready to go. So, they're sitting in birth order, their outfits are mixed up!

We'll have a re-do soon. They so enjoyed being outside sitting up. It feels SO good outside! This is probably the only week of 'fall' weather we'll have, so we're enjoying it. It will get hot again for a while and then it'll be winter before ya know it!

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Jen said...

Too cute! It is going to get hot again? I don't like that one bit! I love the outfits! I bet we could make them! I got TONS of cool stuff at Jo Anns yesterday!

So, your IDs are A & C? Interesting. I always thought IDs were next to each other in the womb. But, I don't know, I don't have any IDs! :-)

Love the pictures! Maybe you can get mine to sit still like that and take pictures!