Written by Jessica on Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I can't believe the boys are 4 months old already! They have grown and changed so much over the past 4 months. They smile, they love, they get happy, sad, discontent, bored, excited, stimulated, tired, hungry, the whole spectrum. And they let you know exactly how they're feeling. Sometimes with a great big smile and coo, sometimes with a big frown and tear, other times with a piercing scream.
They can see fairly well and love their little dangly toys now. I hung some on their car seats and they have so much fun swatting and watching them.
They know me. They know their daddy. They even know their big brother's voice. They always smile when he comes around; Taylor thinks they're laughing at him.
They're holding their heads pretty well. They're eating cereal from a spoon very well. And rolling. Tucker was the last to start only by a few days; but there's no stopping him now!
Time is moving so fast, I am so blessed to be able to spend these fleeting days with the boys, catching all their 'firsts' the first time they happen.
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Proud Momma X 3 said...

I LOVE their onesie's! You have such beautiful kids.