Written by Jessica on Sunday, August 24, 2008
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This recipe came from me wanting chicken fajitas, but not having all the ingredients... So the wheels started turning for some sort of Mexican dish with the stuff I had on hand.

Salsa Chicken with Mexican Rice

Salsa Chicken
Chicken Breasts (how ever many your family needs)
Taco seasoning (I buy the huge bottles from Sam's, I guess it would take maybe 1-2 of the small pkgs, depending how many breasts you're cooking. You want enough to coat the breasts)
Chunky Salsa

Mexican Rice
Minute Rice
Cumin, to taste (be generous, it gives it that good Mexican flavor)
1 - 2 cans of Rotel, to taste - do not drain
Garlic, minced to taste
Onion, diced to taste
Yellow Corn, to taste

Chicken Prep - Preheat oven to 375. Coat chicken with taco seasoning. Cook covered for appx 30 minutes. Add Salsa to top, cook another 15. When chicken is done, top with lots of a cheese of your choice, let melt. Add extra salsa if you'd like.
Rice Prep - Minute rice is made from equal parts water and rice. I usually make about 1 1/2 cups. So, I add 1 1/2 cups rice to 1 1/2 cup boiling water. Turn eye off, cover for 5-8 minutes. Make sure to give it plenty of time to get fluffy. Letting rice sit longer is much better than not letting it sit long enough. While the rice if fluffing, saute minced garlic, dices onion, and cumin in a little extra virgin olive oil. Once done, add prepared rice and can of rotel. Stir, let heat together for 5-10 mins. Voila!

Serve chicken over rice. The salsa and chicken make a yummy broth. Get a big spoon and pour it over the entire dish...Mmm.

Note: You can make this meal as mild or as spicy as you want. The original Rotel is pretty spicy. If you don't like spice, get the mild. If you really, really want to tone it down, use regular canned petite diced tomatoes. I've made it this way too, and it's good. Use mild salsa and mild taco seasoning. And of course if you like spicy, use Medium or Hot. The Medium salsa with orginal rotel makes for a comfortably spicy meal. I wouldn't use hot...

If you like spicy and the kiddos don't, you can cook another piece of chicken in another glass Pyrex dish for them at the same time. I add a can of cream of mushroom soup, water, and uncooked minute rice for Taylor, then top it with cheese - Cover with aluminum foil.

If you do cook both at the same time, you will need to cook it a little longer. Add about 15 minutes and check for doneness.


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Your family is darling. Boys are so much fun. I see that you're a Crimson Tide fan. I've been to U Alabama a few times for games and conferences...it's drop-dead gorgeous. I would move there in a heart beat.

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