Written by Jessica on Thursday, February 26, 2009

We've had a busy couple of weeks. Taylor's been in baseball practice a couple of days a week and karate 2-3 days a week, but we're getting used to our busier athletic schedule.
Taylor had fun celebrating Fat Tuesday. Here are some pictures of him I caught while he danced around the house with his Mardi Gras beads:

Oh, Taylor DID get his Green Belt...now the fun begins! He will start sparring now!

Here are some fun pictures of the boys:
Tucker's walked out of his sleeper!

We had a fun day with the Studds.

Father/Daughter team work at its best.

As I said, we've been busy, which makes us very tired...

Written by Jessica on Friday, February 13, 2009

We went to the evaluation last Monday and all is well. The doctor made me feel a little crazy for even bringing them in, stating that they were perfect and all on track for not only their adjusted age, but their actual age. So, we feel better and are going to quit worrying so much...(yeah, right!) They are all roughly 28" give or take a 1/4" for wiggling(roughly 50th percentile for actual age). Brayden's 22lbs, Carter's 21lbs, and Tucker is 20lbs(roughly 75th percentile for actual age).
Carter has 2 teeth with 2 breaking through.
Tucker has 5 teeth!!
Brayden has NO teeth, with none breaking through! He is teething, his gums are swollen, but I can't see them below the surface yet.
Big brother wrestling with the boys.
What do you do when a brother is in the way and won't move?
...throw yourself over him!
We've explored a couple new vegetables this week, spinach and asparagus. YUM!
I was having breakfast as they were having lunch and I felt bad feeding them this spinach that I gagged over while making. Surprisingly, they LOVED it!
Brayden sucks his thumb between bites which makes for a messy Brayden at the end of the meal!

I stopped feeding to take a picture. Tucker was not happy!

First bite... Hmmm. "I think I like it."

The weather has been so beautiful lately. We've been going outside at least once each day.
Taylor tests for his green belt tonight. Wish him luck!

Written by Jessica on Sunday, February 08, 2009

We had what I think was the most fun weekend since the babies have been born. For those of you that don't live in the southeast, you may want to quit reading, because you may consider moving if you're somewhere where it is cold during the winter. We had a weekend of 70 degree weather in February! Oh, it was so nice. We spent the entire weekend outside.
Friday we had a doctor's appointment for the boys to get their Synagis shots. Brayden took a small nap in the car on the way back.
Then, we did a little laundry before lunch.
After lunch, a quick nap.
Then we packed up for lunch at Dinglewood with Jenny and Bride to be Haley.
On to Saturday. A busy, busy Saturday it was. We had Taylor's first baseball practice early that morning. Taylor had so much fun, as did dad. Wade is the assistant coach this year for Taylor's team. Which is great, but it also means I spend the games, and practices, watching by myself with the boys - Wade and Taylor leave earlier, leaving me to get them all ready myself too. Oh, but I'm not complaining, it makes them happy. The day started off a little chilly, but before practice was over we were shedding the jackets.
After practice I dropped by Haley's bridal shower. Wade had some things he had to get done after practice, so I had all the boys. Practice and lunch on the field took longer than I thought it would leaving me no time to change clothes, 4 boys, and 30+ minutes late. So, I thought I would drop by say hello to Haley, Mrs. Laurette, Jenny, and escape without being noticed. Oh, no! I walk into a well organized circle of ladies telling how they knew Haley. I crashed the shower! I was that girl. Sorry Haley! and Mrs. Laurette, and guests... Joel, Haley, I hope you enjoy the butter boy!
After the shower incident, I went home with the boys and put them in bed. Then I did some more laundry, some dishes, homework, and then it hit me - My sinuses and head hurt so bad. I've got the same dang cold the babies have had! I've been trying to get it for a week now, but now I'm feeling really bad. Ugh!
After the babies woke up, I decided the weather was too pretty to be sick. So we went for a quick ride in the choo choo wagon to the back yard and played on the swings until it was dinner time.
Saturday was also our 7th wedding anniversary. I can't believe I've been married 7 years now! After the boys went to sleep, I whipped up a salad and some loaded baked potatoes while Wade grilled up a couple of steaks. Happy Anniversary to us!
SUNDAY: Sunday I slept later than I think I have since the babies have been born (10:00), thanks to some Theraflu Severe Cold (nighttime formula) and my dearest husband. I woke up during the night with the boys some (because of their colds) and at 7am when Carter started screaming because his diaper had leaked and he was soaked and everything, including sheets, needed to be changed. I also heard the babies crying because daddy wasn't fast enough with breakfast and because one pushed the other down and such. But I got to hear it from bed! So, it wasn't the good, childless type of sleep-in, but it was good! Ahh..
Then after naps, we went to the park to feed the ducks and enjoy the beautiful weather. Did I mention it was 71 degrees today?
The boys had on sleepers but I changed them into shorts once we got to the park on a blanket because it was SO warm! The shorts outfit they're in is 18 months!! I cannot believe my babies are fitting into 18 months.
The change:
They all LOVED the grass. As soon as I sat them down, they were crawling to it. It was impossible to keep them on the blanket and even more impossible to take a picture with all 4 looking.
An attempt at a 4 boy picture...
I cannot wait to get the 3rd wagon from Jen tomorrow!
Feeding ducks:
After spending the afternoon at the park, we got really brave and decided to go to a restaurant (B. Merrell's) with all the babies for the first time and feed them their solids and bottle there! When you have 1 baby at a restaurant and they decide they're tired of waiting, you can take shifts taking him outside, but with 3 babies and a 6 year old, there is no escape! It turned out surprising well. The babies ate and just took in their surroundings. It helped that we ate outside too! (okay, so we weren't that brave!)
We came home and the babies played while I got the bath tub ready.
Then, it was BATH time in the big boy bath for the first time!

They had so much fun SPLASHING and playing with each other. I have never seen the boys play and enjoy each other as much as they did in the bath tonight. I LOVE these rotating bath rings they are in because it gives you the freedom to let them play and splash with each other without worrying about them slipping.
Then big brother got a bath.
Brayden was so exhausted from the weekend he couldn't even make it to the last bottle of the night.
In the morning we have our big evaluation where they will make sure the boys are where they should be developmentally. Keep your fingers crossed!