Written by Jessica on Saturday, May 31, 2008

Busy, busy, busy. My days fly by so fast now and I still feel as though I get nothing done. Aside, of course, from changing diapers, feeding babies, washing tons of baby cloths and bottles, and answering Taylor's many many questions. Wait a minute, as a mother of 4, what else am I supposed to do? = ) I guess all is good.
Taylor's done with his spring golf program. He had a lot of fun and certainly learned a lot. This is the first year he's been old enough to understand and take instruction. Hopefully we can keep this up and not have to start all over next year.

He's just started his summer karate program. In just a few classes he's learned a lot about both form and discipline. Wade's hoping it helps with his flexibility for sports. I'm hoping he picks up on the respect and discipline portion.

Here he is showing off some of his new moves...

On May 22, Taylor graduated from Pre-K. Taylor and his class did so good showing all that they had learned throughout the year. Taylor had a solo part, counting to 100. I am so proud of him. He has vacation bible school next week then to save a little money on tuition he's going to stay home with me and the boys for a while. He starts Kindergarten on August 6th.

Taylor's certainly enjoying the summer weather. He LOVES being outside. Here he is with Madilyn, whom he refers to on occasion as his "girlfriend."

As for baby news, they are 4 weeks old TODAY. I can't believe it! We went to the dr. this past Monday, here are their latest stats:
Carter - 19.75" - 6lbs 13oz - 13.5"head
Brayden - 18.5" - 6lbs 13oz - 13.5"head (short and chunky)
Tucker - 20" - 6lbs 7oz - 13" head (long and skinny)
They are all doing surprisingly well. Eating more and wanting more than the doctors are allowing.
Our Little Piglets with full bellies. Thanks Aunt Sandy for the cute outfits!

We took our first trip in the stroller today. The boys slept; Wade and I broke a sweat!

Written by Jessica on Thursday, May 22, 2008

I can't believe the boys will be three weeks old on Saturday. As I type this I'm holding little Tucker because he has a tummy ache. With 3 babies much of my day is holding, diapering, and feeding babies. So if you try to call and I don't answer, I'm doing one of the above. I haven't slept more than two hours at a time since they've been home, so I may be trying to catch 30 minutes of sleep or so too!
They had their first doctor's appointment this past Monday. We started getting them fed and ready 2 1/2 - 3 hours before the appointment and we were only 10 minutes late! Here they are at the dr:They had all almost gained a full pound. Brayden didn't gain quite as much because he got a late start eating due to the breathing issues he had early on.

5/19/2008 stats:

Carter - 5lbs 13oz, 18 1/2" long, 13" head

Brayden - 5lbs 15oz, 18 1/2" long, 13" head

Tucker - 5lbs 13 oz, 19" long, 13" head

We go back to the dr this Tuesday. After this visit the appointments should be spaced out a little more than a week!

It's impossible to get all the boys in a picture without one crying or fidgeting, so for all my CB&T friends, here's the best I could do: In order, of course, Carter, Brayden, Tucker...

Here's a picture of them after breakfast this morning waiting to get changed. They are not in "order" this time, can you tell who is who?

Big brother is doing so good with them. He just finished up his golf program and he has now started a summer karate program. It will end July 31 and his first day of big boy school is August 6th! We were zoned for Phenix City Elementary, so we had to request a transfer and then apply for Lakewood. Thank God he got in! It's a science magnet so I'm really looking forward to the fun science projects that I'm sure Wade and I will be doing! =) I'll post some pictures of Taylor after his graduation tonight.

On a side note - I can't find my cell - so please don't think I'm ignoring you if you've tried to call me..It's here somewhere, I just haven't had time or made time to look for it. You can post comments here and I'll respond...You no longer have to create a sign in and password. Alright - I'm off to try to put Tucker down and get their laundry done and catch a nap before they start waking up at 11.

Written by Jessica on Friday, May 09, 2008

Here is a picture of Tucker
2 of the boys are identical, one is fraternal. We are not sure which two yet, the dr. is going to let me know as soon as he knows. The lab tested the placenta's and made the determination, but they didn't identify which 2...Wade thinks Carter and Brayden are the identical boys, I think Tucker and Carter. It's a little hard to tell because of the weight difference between Brayden and the other two...We'll see soon enough.
Wade and I will be spending the night with the boys on Sunday as a test to show the hospital whether or not we can care for the boys on our own. Once we do that, the boys will be one step closer to coming home. We are hoping for the middle of next week!
That's all for now, I have to go get my swollen feet in the air!

Written by Jessica on Friday, May 09, 2008

I'm finally home after 3 long weeks in the hospital. I went for a regular dr visit on April 18 and was admitted to the hospital for another round of magnesium sulfate to stop labor. I had dialated to a 2. We scheduled a c-section for May 5 (Cinco de Mayo), but the boys had another date in mind. After 2 weeks of hospital bedrest, I went into labor again this time I was 50% effaced, dialated to a 5 and the babies were +1 (dropping down). So, an emergency c-section was our only option.

On May 3rd, 2008 at 9:30pm, 9:31pm, and 9:33pm, we welcomed little Carter Edward, Brayden Michael, and Tucker Martin into the world.

The boys weighed in at:

Carter - 4lbs 14.3oz, 17 3/4 inches

Brayden - 5lbs 5.6oz, 18 inches

Tucker - 4lbs 13.6oz, 18 1/2 inches

That's 15lbs 1.5oz of baby!

Here are a few pictures:

Big brother Taylor with Carter, a couple hours old

Brayden getting help breathing, a couple hours old

Tucker, a couple hours old

Carter, 5 1/2 days old

Brayden, 5 1/2 days old