Written by Jessica on Saturday, September 13, 2008

I can't believe it! It's been 3 quick months since I set my 3 goals. Well, I'm green and getting greener! I'm spending lots of good quality time with the boys. The babies are smiling, cooing, responding and so much fun now, so I no longer have to MAKE myself spend time with them just because. Taylor is learning so much in school, so it's fun to talk with him and quiz him on all his new knowledge. Wade, well, I may not always get my 45 mins a day with him... so, I'll work on that!

Now, the hard one. Weight loss. My goal was to lose 30 pounds in 3 months. That would have actually put me under my pre-triplets weight. I didn't make it. I've lost 25.8 pounds as of this morning. (Total loss=78lbs!!) I just went to the doctor, but I forgot what I weighed there (I was running my mouth), so I weighed this morning. I'm back to my pre-preg weight. Now I need to get back to my pre-pre-preg weight! So, now I need to lose 17 lbs. I'm 17 lbs away from being the girl I was when I got married, when I graduated high school, when I could fit into my skinny jeans. I'm oh so close!

It's time for me to set some new goals. I'm going to brainstorm and really get three good ones and post them soon... Of course, weight loss will have to be one of them until I get these 17 lbs off!!! I am, however, a little discouraged that the doctor saw my tummy and said, all the sit ups in the world won't make this extra skin go away, it'll take a tummy tuck. Hmf. Maybe 1 of my 4 boys will be a plastic surgeon and take care of dear ole mom...

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Jen said...

Gee, that was so nice of Dr. E! I am sure I will hear the same thing when I go in Dec. If one of my 3 becomes a plastic surgeon I will make sure you too get a tummy tuck!!! I KNOW I will need one!

I too have 17lbs to lose! That is my goal to get to Pre-Preg Weight. Then I will set a whole new goal!!

One of your goals should be to have a Mom's Night Out once a month!!! :-)