Written by Jessica on Tuesday, September 09, 2008
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The boys had their 4 month well child check up yesterday. They are all doing good. The doc gave us the go ahead on veggies and fruit. I may still wait a little longer though...I'm not sure. It's a lot of work, and they don't have to have them yet... hmmm. We had to see Dr. Oliver because Dr. Ellison had to reschedule our appointment and then we couldn't get back in to see him. He seems like the popular one up there... I think he's just had lots of years to build up lots of faithful mommies that keep bringing their children to him. Last time we were there Dr. Ellison was concerned about the shape of Brayden's head, so we started laying him on the other side and really working with him to help his neck muscles loosen up to be more comfortable on that side. Well, Brayden's head is fine now, but Tucker's is getting a little flat. So, Tucker's next!

We talked about RSV season approaching and Dr. Ellison actually came in at that point to visit so we all talked about what we should do. Basically, both doctors agreed that we should not restrict our lives, but to use common sense. In other words, try to keep sick people away, but we should not try to live as hermits to avoid it. They both also said that Taylor could easily bring the RS virus home to the babies since it would be a normal cold for Taylor and a virus that would potentially put the boys in the hospital for a week or two. So, being restrictive with a kindergartner may be spinning our wheels. They do have shots to help prevent the virus, but they are so expensive (around$21,000 for the 3 boys) that insurance companies have started making families meet certain requirements to get them and our boys don't meet the requirements. Which is probably a good thing, it means they're healthy enough that they think they'd be okay without them. We'll just keep our fingers crossed until March! So, if you're sick, even a little cold, DON'T COME AROUND! We still love you though.

Here are their 4 month stats:
14lbs 10oz
24.5" long
16.25" head
20th percentile in height*
40th percentile in weight*
15lbs 9oz
23.5" long
16.5" head
5th percentile in height*
50th percentile in weight*
13lbs 7 oz
24.5" long
15.75" head
20th percentile in height*
20th percentile on weight*
*percentiles based on full term babies. Chronological (actual) ages used, not adjusted.
I think the boys may have lost some weight during the past couple weeks while they've had this tummy bug. But they're still looking good. They doc was happy and surprised that they're rolling. We're really going to work with them over the next couple of months to get greater trunk strength and hopefully have them sitting unassisted by 6 months. Our goal is to keep them on track with their chronological age; which he said is completely do-able, we just have to prompt the progress a little more than 'normal.'
They each had 4 shots and 1 vaccination by mouth. They do so well with the shots, crying only until I pick them up. After we got home they cried for a while inconsolably, I'm assuming it was from the shots. But since then, they've been fine.
Hopefully we won't have to go to the doctor anymore until 6 months!
Now, I have to go clean Taylor's disaster of a room! Oh, I asked him to pick out 6 toys to give to a family that didn't have any toys... I'll post a picture soon of the toys he picked out! = )

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Jen said...

Glad it went well! We got the RSV shots last year (they were born in the RSV season), but not this year. I was hoping for them, but they are healthy enough and insurance won't pay. Anna could easily fit in with your bunch! She weights only 16lbs!!!!

Jenny Smith said...

Awe! How sweet are those boys?!? I'm so glad they are progressing well. Is it okay that I don't know what RSV stands for? Oh... I don't think I've mentioned it, but Carter and Tucker MUST be the twins. They have to be! That's my opinion! :) Take care Superwoman!

The Lloyd Family said...
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The Lloyd Family said...

Wow. Anna didn't seem that small. She's longer and thinner I think.

Jenny, RSV is Respiratory Syncytial Virus. It's a cold to us, but it really gets into babies lungs and causes problems. Especially in preemies. If you really want to know about RSV you can go to www.RSVinfo.com.