Written by Jessica on Saturday, September 20, 2008

Carter stay's on his tummy like this now.

These are their 'night' diapers, Carter is eating Tucker's hand.

Carter, mirror mirror on the wall, who's the cutest babe of all?

The boys with my doc

Getting a work out in their bumbo's.

Carter, again.



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Jen said...

They are so cute! Dr. E looks a little freaked out! :-)

How are their BG OS already on the largest rise!? Mine are still on the middle rise!!!

The Lloyd Family said...

On the middle rise they flip under and rub their bellies... I wish they didn't because they really need to be on the middle rise so they wouldn't be so bulky below. But I still LOVE them! = )

The Lloyd Family said...

I also have double inserts in here.. the reg microfiber and the newborn insert as a doubler...