Written by Jessica on Sunday, September 07, 2008
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I didn't really cook much this week, aside from frozen pizza's, mac and cheese with hamburger, chicken strips and fries; that type of stuff... Yeah, it's been one of those weeks. So I don't have a great meal to share this week. But today, we did treat ourselves with a nice Ribeye steak. Our way of celebrating making it through this week and Taylor's party. And I have to say this about our steaks, I've never had one better from any restaurant... The secret?

Well, we marinate them in Moore's sauce and a bunch of other seasonings (garlic, Canadian steak seasoning, Greek seasoning, meat tenderizer, etc) for several hours. Then, while the grill is still very hot, we lightly char the first side. This caramelizes the marbling in the meat. Then, flip it once for about another 6 minutes or so and pull it off.

I always saute onions and mushrooms with a little butter and garlic and Canadian steak seasoning (I love that stuff!). And, we get the biggest baking potatoes we can find!

Sometimes we do salad, but tonight we didn't have fresh lettuce.

We also get the frozen cooked shrimp sometimes and thaw them by running hot water over them and then adding melted butter, with garlic, Greek seasoning, and Canadian steak seasoning (I'm telling you this stuff is awesome!) Yum!

This is a great treat! It tastes 3 times better than restaurant steaks and cost 3 times less!

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Anonymous said...

Jessica, I cooked the Sausage, Cabbage and Potato receipe. Was GREAT!!! Keep it comming.

Lisa Frederick