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Tucker's next, he's taking little steps here and there... he's just a little more cautious... Brayden is standing up without holding on to anything, so he probably won't be far behind. Just my luck that my triplets all walk before my singleton did!

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This past Saturday we walked in our 2nd March of Dimes March for Babies walk since the boys were born. Click here to see pictures of their first walk. This walk was 3 miles, the last one was 7 - so we're at a total of 10 miles! This walk was no ordinary walk though, we had to scale mountains for this walk - which was no easy feat for an out of shape mommy pushing a triple stroller with FLAT tires!! Thanks to Aunt Sandy helping me push, we made it all 3 miles. I definitely need to invest in a portable pump though... It was the hottest day of the year thus far, somewhere close to 90 degrees. Which is sorta ironic considering the last walk (last November) was the coldest night at that point in the winter that we had had at around 30 degrees. But I'm not complaining... = )

Our April 2009 Team

Thank you so much for walking and being a part of "The Lloyd Boys" team!

I love you all and I appreciate all of your support!

*look at the boys legs*

All those hills wore the boys out!

After the walk

After we got home, I tried to get a picture of the boys all sitting, but as soon as I get 1 or 2 of them sitting, they're gone before I can get the third one. So, I decided to take and post the pictures anyways as a celebration of my "NICU Graduates" doing so well being so very active.

Taylor had a ballgame at the same time as the walk, so he came for the kickoff and then he and Wade left for the game. Here he is after his game, playing more baseball on Wii.


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Taylor's school fundraiser is over. He turned in a grand total of $490. We've collected $25 more, {$515 total! WOW!} but since it was an online donation it didn't go towards the school total - but it goes towards the great cause nonetheless.

As I mentioned, Taylor's school was offering a reward for the top 8 fundraisers and Taylor was one of the top 8! So, he's going to Monkey Joe's in a Limo the day before the walk during school. He's so excited. I don't know how much the school was able to raise yet, I'm excited to find out though. We're still collecting donations (now through the link on the right) through the day of the walk.

Thank you all so much for supporting Taylor, and more importantly the March of Dimes.

I can't wait for the walk! I hope to see you there!

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This post is a celebration of us all
{G r O w I n g }.

Our Boys are growing

The boys are getting so big. 8 days, in fact, until they turn O N E! So, we had to get new carseats! They love them, regardless of their expressions in the pictures. At least, more than they loved their other seats which were becoming incredibly restrictive to them and HEAVY for Wade and I!
The fitting and adjustment:
Since Carter is so updet in the picture above, here's a happier one of him:
...and here's what they look like in Big Blue:
We're still rear facing, and will stay that way a while longer.
Our Garden is growing
We've planted all our favorite vegetables, herbs, and cutting flowers so that I can keep fresh cut flowers in the house all summer without having to spend any GREEN!

We're walking tomorrow to help all babies be born healthy so they can grow too.
Here's a sample of our team's shirts:
(sorry for the bad pictures, I'll get a close up of the pic on the shirt and post it soon.)

Here are some pictures of "the boys'" shirts:
I'll post more pictures from the walk this weekend.


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I've been branching out with the boys diet a little as we near the 12 month mark {12 days!}.

did I mention that 1 year old = no more formula!! WOO HOO!!

Recently, we've had boiled eggs {left over from Easter}, spaghetti, yogurt puffs, and zwieback toast - or click here for a recipe to make your own toast - I haven't tried to make it yet...

For Easter, Mamaw got the boys each an animal that made the respective sounds for each, a cow that moos, a frog that ribbits, and a bear that growls. Well, Carter took ownership of all of them. He's been carrying them around, all 3, holding them hostage, and not allowing his brothers to play with them unless they've got something he wants and then of course he'll allow them to take an animal for a little while so that he may bask in the glory of his newly stolen acquired toy.
Here he is letting his cow and bear look outside:

Alright, now I've got to go work on t-shirts for the March of Dimes March for Babies walk THIS weekend!!

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Why!? Oh Why, do I do this to myself?!

I need a blog [HTML] manual! I've messed it all up - lost tons of stuff - again!!

So, please, pardon my mess progress!


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We had a great Easter weekend. Taylor had a game Saturday morning. After the game, I cut grass and got the yard ready for the big hunt. Then, we colored the eggs.
After the egg dying, we had to make sure the Easter Bunny wouldn't forget to stop by:
I think it was the carrot - or maybe the monogrammed egg. ..we woke up to 4 big baskets of goodies:
Sunday afternoon we went to Mamaw's for a Easter egg hunt and dinner:

We came back home for another hunt with Dylan.