Written by Jessica on Friday, August 22, 2008

Wade had a meeting in Augusta this morning, so he left yesterday after work. That means I've been alone with the babies since yesterday morning. No big deal; I had to take Taylor to school this morning which Wade usually does, but it helped me get to the park a little earlier than I normally would have. All is good.

Then I get home and see Wade has been trying to call. I call him back, he doesn't say hey, how are you, I miss you, nothing. He asks me what detergent I've "switched" to. I have an idea of where this is heading, and so I tell him I haven't changed detergent; I'm at the bottom of the huge box I got from Sam's, whatever it is, it can't be the detergent. "Are you broke out?" Frantically, he replies, "I'm itchy, whelped and rashy all over! I don't know what to do!" So, being the caring sweet person I am, I told him to take some Benedryl, go to his meeting, and spend another night in the hotel, call me in the morning and let me know if it's better. Now, I'm just kidding about the hotel, but he's still not going to be able to hold/touch the babies, just in case. Normally, not a big deal. But TODAY! TODAY is the one day I could have gone to a spa opening and got a massage, facial, soaps and creams, all for FREE! through a Columbus play group. I'm so upset. I know, it's selfish. Poor Wade is in hives. But I haven't done anything aside from getting groceries by myself since the boys were born. I was sooo looking forward to this.

To top it off, I had to cancel on Jen. I'm so sorry!! Please forgive me.

Here are some pictures to help cheer me (and you if you need it) up!

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Jen said...

No worries! We will just do it another time! Hope Wade gets to feeling better and it does not spread! Love the pictures!