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We did it! We went to Atlanta, overnight, with the boys and survived. We did more than survive, we actually had fun. The boys were absolute troopers. They endured long days, hot sun, long car rides, severe disruption of their schedules, they all three slept together in a way too small pack n play smacking each other all night, and through all that, they were happy boys. They turned three months old today. I can't believe that it was only about 6 weeks ago they practically lived in that pack n play, now they look like sardines packed in there!

I took way too many pictures. Way, way too many! So, if you'd like to see them all, please email me at twjlloyd@bellsouth.net with the subject line 'Vacation Pictures' and I'll send you the snapfish link to view them all or leave a comment here with your email address. Please don't be shy, I'd love to share them with everyone. I wish I could do it here, but I have too many to post here. Also, unless you state otherwise, I'll already have you on the 'mailing list' to send you pics in the future!
Day 1 we packed up the ole minivan and headed to lovely Atlanta. The city where Wade and I are bound to get lost, each and every time, at least once and where it seems something bad is always going to happen. I guess us country folks just don't know how to survive in the big city. Twice in Atlanta we have been gotten tickets, once for Wade not wearing his seat belt and once for Wade speeding. This trip, Wade left his window down and my and Taylor's luggage was stolen, along with a baby sling I JUST bought (still in the box), and our car insurance cards. Now, I'm not pointing fingers, I'll let you find the common denominator there. And I'm not pickin on my sweet husband either, he knows. The silver lining here is that I got to go to a huge 2 story Target to get Taylor and I a new outfit. I was in heaven for a short 15 minutes. The store was about to close when we got there, so I had to run through it. = (
Other than that, we had lots of fun on day 1. While at the Aquarium we got to see lots of marine life. Taylor's favorites were the whale sharks, the stingrays, the starfish, the sea turtles, and the all the tropical fish varieties. As I'm typing this, he's still naming more 'favorites' but I think I'll stop there. I guess it's safe to say he really enjoyed himself. I'm sure we'll be going back there again in the future.
Here's a preview of some of the pics you'll see: I don't know why they formatted so small, but I can't enlarge them.... You can on snapfish though.

Day 2 we got up and went to Zoo Atlanta. We couldn't have gone on a more perfect day weather wise. It was overcast and breezy all day. The zoo is so beautiful and shady anyways, I'm sure had the sun been shining bright, we still would have been comfortable. The downside to the cloudy sky turned to rain and the day ended with us running, all 4 kids in tow, to the car in the pouring rain. The only animal we didn't get to see were the kangaroos. The animals there are certainly living in luxury. Whether we were visiting animals from Asia or Africa, it felt like we were in their native lands far away. They have done such a wonderful job to make the experience as comfortable and real as it can be for both the human visitors and the animals who live there.
Here's a preview of some pictures from the zoo. Again, they are small, but I can send you the link to see them larger.

Day 3 we rested a little at home. I finished up my 'back to school' shopping to take advantage of the tax free holiday. I can't believe my baby is starting Kindergarten in 3 days! We had orientation today. Again, let me say I love this school already!
Day 4 Mamaw came over to sit with the babies while Wade, Taylor, and I went to the Pine Mountain Animal Safari. Let me start by saying our view point may be slightly jaded as we just visited the beautiful, luxurious Zoo Atlanta. However, Atlanta or not, the Animal Safari was a disappointment. Taylor, who is the important one here, had a good time and loved getting to feed the animals (mostly deer and cattle). There were only really 4 large, exotic animals there; 2 giraffes, 2 lions, a rhino, and a camel. These poor, poor animals were in small cages; small for their size at least. The lion cage was almost completely concrete with a slight bit of good ole Georgia clay in the corner and a large 'dog house' of sorts to shade him from the blistering sun. I felt so bad for these animals, I felt bad for having paid money to see them on display in this way. To add to the insult, we paid more ($65) to see this bare cow pasture in disrepair, then we did the Zoo in Atlanta. Most of the field there was bare, no grass only clay, and much of it had no trees for shade. There were signs all around protesting the expansion of the park. I'm not from there and have no say, but if I did, I would say the owner needs to invest that expansion money into repair of the land; plant some trees and grass and design some natural looking habitat areas for these poor animals. I wonder if PETA has ever visited this farm?
One thing is for sure, we will NOT be going back. If for no other reason than the pity and sorrow I felt for the large animals there. Now the pigs, deer, and cattle probably have it better there with everyone feeding them than they do at a normal farm... But they don't advertise a country farm experience either...

We took the scenic route back home and stopped for a picture...

Why did this pic format right??

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Jen said...

Glad you had a great time! Brett took me to that Animal "Park" when we first started dating. I got bit by a giraffe and have not been back since! It is sad to see all those animals in that sorry situation. So sorry your stuff got stolen. I have an infant carrier I am no longer using if you want it. Email me some pictures and lets try to get together soon!