Written by Jessica on Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Alright, so Wade left town, came back with poison ivy or oak or something that looked gross and contagious. So I wouldn't let him touch the babies (until today). Which has meant I've had ll 4 kids myself all week/weekend. This was only exacerbated by Hurricane Fay, as it kept us all in the house. Taylor's been sick; some sort of chest cold. Now, the babies are getting sick. We've all had, um, tummy troubles. The boys are still suffering with that. Talk about disposal waste.... We've been going through 15-20 diaper per baby per day! 60 diapers=1 day! YIKES! Now, their eyes are watering, red at times and goopy, their little noses are running and they're congested. I'm calling the doc in the morning, which means we'll be making a trip there! Ugh. The only reason I'm calling is because of the tummy problems (which is causing red heinies). The colds are okay. They have a low grade fever too, 99-100. I'm not sure that they're having enough wet diapers, only nasty ones. I don't think I can give them anything else for hydration..?? That's why I'm calling. There must be something going around. YUCK!

Knock on wood (knock, knock) I'm good. ...Horrible headache yesterday, but good. Nothing a few raisinets, coke, junior mints and sleep didn't cure. I probably could've managed without everything but the sleep, but why?

My neighbor's been off all week and she's in really good shape, works out and stuff when she doesn't even need to, ya know those kind of folks, the one's we all want to be. Anyways, she's been walking with me everyday. We walked 2 1/2 miles yesterday and 3 1/2 miles today. ...on rugged terrain too.

I'll post some pictures of the boys soon. I need to rest now because it doesn't look like the boys are going to sleep much tonight.

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Pauline said...

hello and how are you? gotta hand it to you with four boys and being able to handle more than one baby at a time.
I am writing to let you know that you have won the Zaky from Mom 4 Life! Please email me your info within 4 days, including your color of choice. Thanks so much!

Jen said...

There has to be something going around if your crew got it and mine got it. I think we picked ours up at either PT or the Pedi office. Great.

I hope we are all feeling better by Friday so we can hang out!