Written by Jessica on Monday, August 18, 2008

Wade got the boys started with a bottle while I caught a few more Zzzzs. Then I mustered up the strength to get out of bed and fix Taylor's lunch, out the door they went. So I finished up the boys, burped and changed them and packed them into their car seats and headed for the park. I walked the Idle Hour track 2 times. I think that may be 2 miles... or close, I'm not sure... Anyone know? There's a group that meets there 3 days a week called Stroller Strides. They were starting to get there as I was packing the boys into the jogging stroller. I may start meeting with them just to have some accountability, not sure, I'm kinda a loner. After loading the boys back into their car seats and getting Big Blue packed back up I shot over to WalMart to pick up some mailing supplies for a few things I just sold on eBay. I really needed to get them today, and I didn't want to have to ask Wade for help, so I popped 2 boys in the Double Snap n Go and one in my hotsling and away we went. I grabbed up the supplies I had to get first, browsed for a minute, and at the first little whimper I bolted for the check out line! Another successful trip on my own...even without Taylor. Here it is 11:00 and I've fed the boys twice, walked 2 miles, went to WalMart, I'm on my 2nd load of laundry, and I almost have the eBay stuff packaged and ready for the post office. It's going to be a good day. My camera died, so I can't post the pictures from the park yet.

Speaking of no pictures, Jen came over with her triplets this weekend and neither of us got any pictures. SO sad. We'll just have to do it again soon I guess. =) We had to eat dinner in shifts to watch/feed babies, but all 7, no 8, were really sweet. (Taylor had a friend over!)

Okay, gotta keep my day on track and get busy! Blogging Break OVER!

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Jen said...

I am SO impressed with you! You are SUPER mom! I have yet to take mine anywhere alone. Maybe on Wed. We have a PT appointment at the hospital. I can do it, I can do it, I can do it! Can I? :(

I would LOVE to do stroller strides, but they meet so early and it seems kind of pointless for me to drive an hour to walk, when I can do that here are home. :-(

I need to talk to you about selling stuff on ebay. I have TONS that I could sell and know we could use the $!

Next time we will take pictures!

Anonymous said...

You are SUPER mom!!!

I recommend Stroller Strides. It's way more than just a walk and you'll love all the other moms. They will be a great boost to you mentally too.

It's worth just trying it out!

Anonymous said...

hi just wanted to let you know i am still keeping up with you while we are in tn super mom dont over do it will talk to you soon looks like we will be getting 2 more dogs love you momma

Jenny said...

It's official... you're superwoman!

The Lloyd Family said...

Aww, ya'll, I'm blushing. Not superwoman/mom, just trying to stay afloat. Cloth diapering Jen is super mom! Have I mentioned here that Jen has inspired me to TRY cloth diapering?? Can you believe it?! And, stroller strides may be great, but I checked it out, it's pretty expensive. = ( Looks like I'll be sticking to the boys and the ducks as walking partners.