Written by Jessica on Sunday, May 24, 2009

Here are a couple random pictures from the last couple of weeks of school.
'Wetfest' 2009 at Garrett Stadium

Ice cream party and Scrapbook and Journal presentation
Taylor's candy-gram to Mrs. Walters.
(Taylor signed it after I took this picture.)
Remember my garden a few weeks ago? Look at it now. (pictures are a week old) We're starting to get blooms now too!
Spring ball is over now too. Taylor had a great season and became known as one of the "boys with the hot bat." About mid-season he was moved to the front of the batting order... "Lead off hitter" I think it was called... anyways, he's going to take a break from baseball for the summer. He is taking tennis lessons this summer, along with golf lessons again. The tennis lessons are in the morning, so I will have to take him there {along with all the boys} twice a week. Oh - I hope I make it! The golf is in the afternoon, so Wade will take care of that. Here are some pictures from the baseball party.
The head coach presented Wade with a plaque for being an assistant coach. He was shocked and loved it!


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Beth said...

I hear about Wetfest every year from Coach Coop. She loves and it so do the kids. She even wanted me to stop by this year. I had to decline since I was on my way to a meeting for work!! Looks like it was a good year for Taylor!