Written by Jessica on Sunday, May 17, 2009
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We just went to the boys 1 year old check up. The boys each received 4 shots. This was the first time their shots had a live virus in them, and as expected, they did have a low grade fever the next day, but other than that, they tolerated them well. Tuck is always a little pitiful the rest of the day, just wanting to be held more than usual. He's our sweet, Tender Tuck. They even took their 1 year old pictures the next day with Mrs. Staci and Mr. Frank at Time 2 Remember. I CAN'T WAIT to see them, I know she got some GREAT shots. They all did so well. I was so pleasantly surprised, as I was expecting the worst. We started off with regular pictures of them in their clothes on a mirror, then on to the cake with them in their bright BG 3.0's, then into a wash tub of warm water to wash the cake off - and it was all caught on camera! They LOVED it!! But I've completely gotten off subject.

Sorry. ADHD kicking in.

Their stats were as follows:

Carter - 23lbs 10oz - 30" long, around the 50th percentile for both height and weight.
Brayden - 24lbs 11oz - 30" long, around the 75th percentile for weight, 50th for height (although I think it was a poor measurement, I think Brayden is taller).
Tucker - 21lbs 9oz - 30" long, around the 50th percentile for both height and weight.

When we went to the dr. on Wed. the boys' were still drinking out of their podee's at meal time, only using their sippy cups at snack time. But that was mainly because they wouldn't drink as much out of the sippy. Then she told me that they only needed 16-24 oz a day. In fact, more than 24 oz was BAD, because it took up tummy room that could be used for iron fortified foods, which they needed. Our boys' eat a lot - A LOT - and they drink A LOT. Like 32oz of whole milk a day and 4oz juice mixed with 4oz of water. And if we're outside, they'll get some extra water. Now that I know that's too many fluids, I feel better about them drinking out of the sippy cup, because even though they drink less, it's still more than the minimum suggested by the pedi and reinforced by a little Internet research of my own (of course). So as of yesterday, they're on sippy cups only, with the exception of a bedtime bottle, which we will phase out soon enough.

The pedi also brought up the fact that we only have 6 more months of guilt free paci use, then they need to be off the paci. Hmm... At least we only have 2 paci babies... Somehow I still don't find any comfort in that. Oh well, we'll worry about that as the time gets closer.

They are meeting all the milestones. They all even spoke to the pedi, repeating "mama" and "dada" and then making all sorts of other sounds {like "gaga" and "baba"} for her too. She was happy with their performance. We asked about Brayden's teeth. Bless his heart, they are coming in crooked as can be, she said their was no medical cause for concern, however, we'd be visiting an orthodontist at an early age with him. {sigh}

Taylor's already getting teeth pulled because he doesn't have enough room in his mouth.. our luck, we'll end up with 4 boys in braces! Grandparents pay for that, right?

That's all for now, I have some updates on Taylor coming soon.


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