Written by Jessica on Friday, April 24, 2009

This post is a celebration of us all
{G r O w I n g }.

Our Boys are growing

The boys are getting so big. 8 days, in fact, until they turn O N E! So, we had to get new carseats! They love them, regardless of their expressions in the pictures. At least, more than they loved their other seats which were becoming incredibly restrictive to them and HEAVY for Wade and I!
The fitting and adjustment:
Since Carter is so updet in the picture above, here's a happier one of him:
...and here's what they look like in Big Blue:
We're still rear facing, and will stay that way a while longer.
Our Garden is growing
We've planted all our favorite vegetables, herbs, and cutting flowers so that I can keep fresh cut flowers in the house all summer without having to spend any GREEN!

We're walking tomorrow to help all babies be born healthy so they can grow too.
Here's a sample of our team's shirts:
(sorry for the bad pictures, I'll get a close up of the pic on the shirt and post it soon.)

Here are some pictures of "the boys'" shirts:
I'll post more pictures from the walk this weekend.


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Lani said...

Those shirts are amazing!!

Jen said...

I am SO jealous of your shirts!!! That is what I wanted on mine!!! :-(

Stacey said...

The boys are sooo cute :) Of course I'd be happy to chat sometime - I'll need lots of advice. I'm a bit nervous about having triplets!! Just a quick question - when did you have to go on bedrest?

The Lloyd Family said...

Thanks y'all!