Written by Jessica on Wednesday, May 20, 2009
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The boys did so well for their first haircuts. We were prepared for the worst, as Taylor was a nightmare at the barber's when he was little; but the 2 boys that got their hair cut yesterday {Carter and Tucker} did so very well. All the boys {Taylor included} were extremely patient there, especially considering we had to wait just over an hour to even get started on our boys. She did give me a "sorry you had to wait so long we only have one person cutting hair" discount, which I thought was sweet. Poor Brayden is just starting to get a little hair, we couldn't dare go near his hair with scissors! It's amazing how a little haircut ages baby's. They look so grown now with their new do's. ...so handsome - if I do say so myself.

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Beth said...

The new 'dos look fabulous! Cute boys, indeed!