Written by Jessica on Monday, May 04, 2009

Yesterday we celebrated the boys first birthday! WOW! We had an incredible party with all of our family and closest friends. I'll have a separate "party post" soon!

Time sure does fly when you're having fun. I remember how scared I was when the doctor told us we were having triplets. I remember the feelings of self doubt and fear of failure. I was so afraid for them. I was so worried. ...Worried about everything from their health to the financial responsibility that comes with triplets.

A year later, I am so thankful, with four healthy children. We not only survived the year, we thrived and we have all grown and flourished. You can click here to take a walk down memory lane and see posts and pictures from last May when the boys were born.

Carter was baby A, and the first baby born. His doctor said from the start that Carter didn't know he was a preemie. And he is still our "go getter" baby who is not limited by anything or anyone. He has a huge personality, and he demands to be seen. He's probably the pickiest eater we have. He knows what he likes and what he doesn't and if he doesn't like it, watch out - it's coming back at ya! He loves to laugh, rarely cries , and can throw a fit with the best of them! He started walking a week ago, and now he's walking very well. He has 6 teeth and a good amount of hair. He laughs aloud at his big brother and loves to play and get wild with him. The rougher Taylor is with him, the louder he laughs. Carter is our "wild child." He says "dada" all the time. Carter is our climber right now too. He climbs up the baby gate, pulls himself up and almost out of the triple high chair table and out of the exersaucer. He's dangerously climbing up his crib walls, but he can't quite get over yet. Ah... our busy, busy Carter.

Brayden was baby B, and the second baby born. Brayden had to have help from a c-pap breathing machine when he was born. His brothers could have come home from the hospital sooner, but they stayed to keep him company and co-bed with him. He was the biggest baby by 7 ounces and he is still the biggest of the boys. He is our only thumb sucker. He loves to jibber jabber and says "mama" all time, especially when he wants something. Brayden is very laid back and easy going, accept at dinner time, then it's some serious business. Brayden loves to be held, much like Tucker. He's pulling up and cruising around, he even stands with no hands, but he's not attempting to walk yet. Brayden is finally starting to get some hair and he has 3 1/2 teeth. He just cut the top two this week {only 1/2 of one of his top one's is through}. I think of Brayden as a gentle giant who doesn't know his own strength. He is so strong, but means no harm.

Tucker was baby C, and the last baby born. He was tangled up in everything; it took Dr. E two minutes to untangle him. He was the smallest by 1 ounce. Tucker had to have a feeding tube for a few days after he was born because he wouldn't eat much. He eats slowly and savors his food. He still doesn't have a huge appetite and he's still the smallest. We affectionately refer to Tuck as "Tender Tuck" quite often, because he will whine and cry and smile and laugh all in the same minute. He loves to be held and he will love on you quite contently for a long time, sometimes. Tucker has a ton of uncontrollable hair and 6 teeth total. He was the first to cut teeth. Tucker jibber jabbers and says "dada, mama, [and] gugu." Tucker is taking three to five steps at a time, but still not walking.

All of the boys are very good and easy going. They are all patient with me and for the most part very low maintenance {at least as much as three one year olds can be}. They love to play and get into things. Carter and Tucker are usually the mischievous ones, although sometimes Brayden will quietly sneak off and get into trouble. We've recently started watching some Baby Einstein DVD's and they love them! They won't sit still and watch them of course, they're just nice background music and occasionally fun to look at. They play and chew and try to eat everything. I vacuum three to four times a day to ensure no specs are on the floor for them to try to pick up and eat.

They are eating more and more of the foods that we eat, without it needing to be pureed, which is really nice. They are also drinking 100% whole milk as of today with no problems, although they don't drink as much of it as they did formula. They just got new "big boy" sippy cups, which they are still learning to use. Prior to these, they were using training sippies. Today we used sippies all day without their Podee's and I can tell you, they were dearly missed.

Big brother Taylor, is about to graduate from kindergarten! He has done so well and is so smart. He even got student of the month last month, which is primarily based on behavior. What's more impressive to me about him being named student of the month is that he told me at the beginning of the month he wanted it and he was going to work hard to get it. That lets me know he's capable of controlling his smarty pants mouth. Aside from his mouth and him occasionally 'showing out' in front of friends, he's such a good kid. I can't believe all that he knows {both good and bad}.

A year is over, and we have grown and learned so much. I can't wait to see what the next year has in store for us!


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Aunt Diana said...

You are truly blessed. I am so proud of all of you!!! I know it has been a trying year and you all came through with flying colors. CONGRATULATIONS on your first year of fun and adventure.