Written by Jessica on Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I got a new baby gate today that actually has a swinging gate so we can quit *almost* breaking our necks trying to step over it, and instead now, walk through it. The babies now have free reign over the house, with the exception of the kitchen (that's where the gate is) and they love their new found freedom.
Brayden's studying how it opens:
He even called over help to figure it out. And when they couldn't, they let me know how dissatisfied they were with the new gate.
Here's a random pic of Taylor teaching Carter all about the toy piano the boys cousins passed down.
Tuck, happy after polishing off some rutabaga's. They all LOVED them.
Carter after eating beenie weenies. ..and rubbing them in his hair.
Our photo shoot on the bench.
Thumbs up for ramen noodles!

I had a great Mother's day. Friday, we had a Mother's Day picnic at Taylor's school. Mom, memaw, my brother and sister in law all came over for lunch. Then we went to see Mimi and Grandma.
Taylor gave me a plant in a pot that he decorated at school and a cake that he decorated.

Grandma (94 years old) got to hold Carter, the first and only of our boys that she's been able to hold.
How grown does Taylor look in this picture?? yikes.
...all I heard was a crash and Taylor shouted out "THEY DID IT, ALL OF THEM!" Luckily, camera was in hand!
Here are some pictures from our trip to Augusta. We stopped at a Cracker Barrel for dinner and the boys were Angels. It's so nice now that they are eating what we eat and drinking whole milk!


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Jessica said...

I love all the pictures! You have such a beautiful family! Taylor is like a little man!

Its it fun to get out of town...it feels like if you can do that you can do about anything!