Written by Jessica on Monday, November 17, 2008

The boys are finishing up their naps and I just finished making some yummy chicken salad for Wade. So I have to make this quick!

I started the weekend off by making some warm fleece hats with ear flaps for the boys and finishing up some super warm shoes for them to eat, chew, and play with wear.

Saturday was great! Georgia beat Auburn and Alabama's victory over Miss St means we're 11-0 baby! woo hoo!

Sunday I had to clean. ...clean and clean. I do NOT understand how all I do is CLEAN and yet my house is never clean. Last week we had a lot going on, so I got behind and had to play catch up yesterday. That I get, but most of the time I have no idea what happens. Ugh.

Sunday night we loaded up and went to the Fantasy in Lights March for Babies. I had all 5 boys, all but one did good. The one, who shall remain nameless [Wade Lloyd], is still whining and complaining today. I got lots of great pictures I'll share later tonight. There were so many walkers there, I'm anxious to find out how much money they raised. We walked with our neighbors and fellow triplet moms Jen and Ginny. The lights were pretty and it was neat to be able to take pictures right there beside them. I'm sad I never made it to the area with hot cocoa, cookies, and more importantly t-shirts. I wore my t-shirt from 2000 and I was hoping to start a new, post-triplets collection. I may call them about getting one...

Lots more to come later! Gotta get meal #3 of the day ready for the boys, they're starting to rumble back there!

3 i *heart* comments!:

Jen said...

Tell Wade that I am whining and complaining too! I am SORE, but it was so worth it! Let me know what you find out the t-shirts. I got home and completely forgot!

rachael said...

my gosh, i have no idea what to say on the cleaning front. i feel the SAME way. i clean and clean and clean and yet every time i turn around something else is begging to be cleaned!

~ MJ ~ said...

UGH I know what you mean about the cleaning. It seems that's all I ever do too and I sit back and look sometimes and still see tons still yet to be done. And don't get me started on laundry!
Sounds like the walk went really well, that's great.
And tell Wade to stop being such a baby. ;) LOL!