Written by Jessica on Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm taking Tucker in the morning to get his head scanned, we'll probably end up with a helmet....UGH! Not happy about that, but, we don't need a crooked head boy. We got their 2nd Synagis shot today. After waiting an hour and a half they told us they only had enough meds for 2 of the boys, but more was in route with no clear time frame as to when it would get there. By the time I came home and started feeding the boys oatmeal and banana's they called and said the shot was there. So, Wade came and took Brayden back. I know it wasn't their fault, but it sure caused a kink in our day.

We've been eating little green peas this week...YUM! The first bite I gave Carter literally made him throw up. He started gaging and then, up came all his milk. Eventually they've all grown to love, or at least eat peas without vomiting.

Taylor reading his book to me and his captive audience of cans while I cook.


Carter is such a ham!

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Jen said...

Helmets are not that bad, I promise! :-)

Making poor Taylor sit on cans while you cook! :-)

Lets try and met up and walk! That way you can meet Ginny and her Triplets! Ginny has my tickets, so we will probably meet somewhere near Callaway. I guess give me a call when you get near there or something!

That sucks about having to go back to get the other shot! At least they got it in that day and not another day.

~ MJ ~ said...

I hate that about him possibly needing a helment. It's for the best though, and it will be over before he knows it.

The pictures are great. Their getting so BIG!
Taylor is such a cutie too. How sweet is that to read to mommy.