Written by Jessica on Thursday, November 06, 2008

Yesterday we took the boys for their 6 month well child check up. Here are their stats:

Carter - 17 lbs 11oz, 17.25" head, 27" long
Brayden - 18lbs 9oz, 17.5" head, 26.5" long
Tucker - 16lbs 13oz, 16.75" head, 26.5" long

Yesterday's visit was a rather lengthy visit. The doctor was very complimentary of the job we're doing with the boys. That's always nice. And he gave us a case of formula, that's even better! We discussed giving the boys a flu shot, which we ultimately did. This is a decision that has really weighed on my mind. I did a lot of research and decided it was best since they were preemies. Preemie babies are considered to be at a higher risk than full term babies when it comes to respiratory illnesses (the flu often turns into pneumonia). So, after weighing the benefits and the perceived risks, I decided the shots were a good idea. In my research I found that the vaccine is no longer made with a live virus and it no longer contains harmful preservatives like mercury. You can read more on the CDC website or here. This is one of those hard decisions that all parents have to make. I don't know if there's a right or wrong answer, it's just a personal choice. Many people are afraid of the flu shot (myself included until this year), but I'd say if you do research it, be careful of the articles you will find against the vaccine, make sure they're a reliable source. Much of the information is based on some one's incorrect interpretation of the vaccine. So, after reading many of the articles I was left feeling like I could not vaccinate and them get sick and I feel awful or I could vaccinate and them get sick and I feel awful... Isn't being a mom great?! = )

We are going for a scan on Tucker's head to be sure the flat spot is just a flat spot and that his plates haven't fused prematurely. We may end up having to put him in a helmet to shape his head, but we're hoping not. It's not 'severe' but definitely noticeable.

We're also going to be taking the boys for a developmental evaluation of sorts. The doctor said this is something that all high risk babies go to automatically, but because my boys were never in high risk, they are not in the system. He said he wasn't going to recommend it, but since I have concerns about Tucker, he'll give us a referral to go ahead and let them evaluate all 3 boys. Now, when I say "concerns about Tucker" I don't mean anything huge. I just mean Tucker seems to be a little weaker and 'limper' than the other boys. I know I should not compare them... I know. But I'd feel better if a professional looked at them and said they're fine. Then I'll quit comparing... Uh hum.

They are doing everything the 'milestone' list says they should be for their chronological age. They respond, laugh, coo, sit up with minimal assistance, eat from a spoon, roll over both ways, etc.

Much to my dismay, they are all becoming tummy sleepers. There's no holding them back. No matter how many times I flip them back over in the middle of the night, they flip back to their tummy. The dr says they are out of the high risk stage for SIDS, but it still makes me so nervous.

We go back when they turn 9 months, but the good news, NO SHOTS at 9 months! woo hoo!

oh, we've been exploring winter squash lately, yummy!

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Jen said...

I SO understand what you mean about Tucker! If a helmet is needed, it will be fine! I survived 3 helmets! :-)

I am guessing we got their evals done through physical therapy? I hope so, because nothing was mentioned about evals! We were just here today! :-)

rachael said...

wow, they are as big as my 3 were at 1 year!