Written by Jessica on Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My boys bring me so much joy. I've never been happier than I am now, and I owe it all to them. They are so happy and free. The world is so new and intriguing to them. The babies are curious and carefree; they spend the day just taking it all in, exploring their new world. Taylor is so imaginative and he thinks so differently than I do now. When we read books together and I ask him his 'critical thinking' questions afterwards, he comes up with answers that are so simple and so correct, yet, I never come up with the same answers. He makes me laugh and smile when he's explaining the story to me and he can't understand why. I see me; I remember what life was like at his age. I want to learn to think like that again.

Hopefully in time he will teach me to remember all the things I've forgotten from my childhood. I want to remember how simple things were and how wonderful things are.

My kids have taught me patience and love. They've taught me joy and happiness. They've taught me what's important in life and what's not. I hope I can, in return, teach them a thing or two along the way.

Time is a thief and gives nothing back, so enjoy every moment you have, you'll never get it back. As Thanksgiving approaches, take a moment to think about what you're thankful for and remember that and let it be the reason you celebrate. If the mood strikes you, leave a comment, telling me what your thankful for and I'd love to hear of any Thanksgiving traditions you have.

We're starting a new tradition this year, the Thanksgiving tree, I'll post pictures and tell more about it later.

Tucker is asleep at the photography studio sucking on the head of a rubber duck like a paci.

Brayden is so tired and the other 2 just won't leave him alone!

I thought I'd try to see how the boys would do for their pictures that were the following day, so I laid them out and tried to get a few pre-picture day pictures... Yeah... not good. The pictures you see above are the beginning, Carter and Tucker picking on Brayden, then Brayden spit up so I went to get a rag and I came back to this:

...they were supposed to still be laying together, picture ready...

Tucker just wants to roll, roll, roll! It took him a while to figure it out, but now that he has, there's no slowing him down!

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Jen said...

That picture of Tucker sucking on the head of the rubber ducky is priceless! Those pictures turned out well!

I am Thankful for MANY things, but mostly that I finally have my babies after trying for so long and a hard pregnancy and a bumpy NICU stay. I am thankful they are happy, healthy and growing. I am thankful for the wonderful friendships they have brought me with other Triplet Mommies and how they have tightened my bond with my husband (most days!). I am just thankful for it all!

As for Thanksgiving traditions, I would LOVE some ideas!

PS--we got our invite to the NICU Tree of Light Party. Did you get one? If not, come anyway! I am hoping Dr. Doom is there so I can shove all the babies in his face and say "see, they are fine!".

rachael said...

i just posted today about things i am thankful for too! this is such a wonderful post and i have to tell you that your boys are just so beautiful!

"Time is a thief and gives nothing back" - loved that...great reminder to us all!

Tanna'sTriplets said...

Pretty Babies!!