Written by Jessica on Sunday, October 26, 2008

As you may have guessed from the title, we've been eating banana's this week. A fruit that I thought they would LOVE! But, no, not so much. They're no longer gagging, so we've made progress. I think it's the texture of the slimy mashed up banana. They do much better when it's mixed with cereal. Brayden seems to enjoy them more than Carter and Tucker. Tucker has turned out to be our best spoon/table eater, which is especially ironic since he's the smallest and prior to now rarely finished a bottle. Carter refused to eat them the first 2 days, spitting and playing in them the entire time, eventually smearing them all over the brother he was sitting next to. Nice. The only flaw to this high chair table is how close the boys are next to each other. Their close proximity makes for some nice messes.

Here's our banana journey in pictures:

Taylor coloring under the table

Yuck, no thanks. Rice cereal please.

Hmm. I don't know. I think sweet potatoes were better.

Sweet! I like it. ...I think.

I'm here for you brother.


Keep your hands off my spoon brotha! ..you decide.

Mom, why?! Why must you feed us banana slime?

A few pictures of the boys at the table:

They play the whole time they're at the table and when I'm feeding one, the other is grabbing the food off the spoon. They're getting better, but occasionally we have some major meltdowns at the table when I'm not able to get the food to their tummies fast enough. These meltdowns usually result in the screamer being excused from the table and given their bottle early. It is certainly an ordeal to feed three babies at once, especially when they're still learning to eat, sit and hold their heads steady enough to eat from a spoon. They still have to go to a reclined swing or bouncy to take their bottle. It is such a mess! I have to change their clothes after each feeding and they go through 2 bibs during the course of a feeding; one for solids and another for the bottle.

Here's what Carter thought of the banana's. (look closely at his fingers)

And when they're not eating and making a mess. They're playing and making a mess.

This picture is an attempt to show the wildness of this child's hair.
Tucker driving

Tucker is doing much better sitting up and holding his head steady. He's rolling over to his tummy constantly now which is helping to build his neck strength. Maybe since he's so good eating solids he'll catch up to his brothers soon!

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Meredith said...

I have NEVER laughed so hard! BTW-I am at work as I read this post…I’m sure my coworkers think I’m nuts.

Actually witnessing one of the mentioned meltdowns make the captions that much funnier!
I think the “I’m here for you, brother” is the way to go on that one. Carter flippin you the bird…PRICELESS!

Jessica said...

They are SO cute. This post cracked me up! Sista!

The Lloyd Family said...

Yeah, I'm sure Carter will get a kick out of that picture when he's older!

Lani said...

I love that feeding table! I want one:) Your boys are so precious:)