Written by Jessica on Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I've taken a month off. I've been floating along aimlessly, procrastinating, and pondering three new goals.

With the holiday's approaching, I've decided to go easy on goals this last quarter of the year. I'm going to forget about the weight loss goals until January 2009, because I don't want to fail again, and I'm tired.. = ) [I can't believe 2009 is a quarter away!]

So here they are:

Drum roll please....

1. Make my bed, every day.
2. Stick to my handmade for the holidays pledge.
3. Begin/try freezer cooking.

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Jessica said...

I just have have one question....where in the world do you find all the time to do EVERYTHING that you do! You are super mommy!

All four of your kiddos are adorable!