Written by Jessica on Wednesday, October 29, 2008
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A show that can only mean Halloween is near. Taylor and I watched it last night while I , I mean we, carved pumpkins. Since we (and by we of course I mean Taylor and Wade..... juuust kidding) completely destroyed our first attempt, I wanted to redeem myself.

and here's a sneak peak at part of Taylor's costume

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Proud Momma X 3 said...

I love the picture of Taylor, he's such a cutie!
Your pumpkins turned out great!

Jessica said...

How fun! He looks like he is having a great time! He's so stinkin cute!

Jen said...

Taylor needs to come do pumpkins for us! I can't wait to see his costume! And the 3 little pigs!

What is Louder Than Words? Never read it, but always up for a good book!

The Lloyd Family said...

It's a book about Jenny McCarthy's journey with her autistic son, she is a huge advocate for the alternative vaccination schedule. She believes it's what caused her son to be autistic and she believes she's cured it through his diet.