Written by Jessica on Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The boys are all doing really well. Taylor's growing more and more independent and in a way that makes me sad. He's always been pretty independent and has never been the shy type; a polar opposite from how I was when I was his age. He wants to pay for things in the store himself, he goes to the bathroom at stores by himself now (and has been since before the boys were born), he would walk to the store to get a piece of candy alone if I'd let him. He's very, very independent and fearless. And such a boy; he wants to go as fast as he can on his scooter from the highest place in the yard, ya know - the stuff that makes my 'mommy skin' crawl. He's been known to climb and fall out of the neighbors tree, or jump from the top of his play set fort... Boy stuff. Yes, he wears a nice set of bumps and bruises as badges.
The baby boys are exploring their surroundings and learning and growing each day. They laugh and smile and love for anyone to talk to them. They are so much fun. They're really good babies. They don't cry much at all, it seems like they do at times because there's 3 of them and still only 1 of me, so it's like having the normal crying and fussiness of an average, good baby multiplied by 3. Which in singleton terms would mean they could be borderline colicky. But when you divide it by 3, they're good. Make sense? Good.
I'll leave you with something less confusing, some pictures!

Taylor and his future wife:

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Meredith said...

Actually this is Mike speaking not Meredith:

As the father of his future wife...NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

OK, now Meredith:

How cute! What a darling couple!