Written by Jessica on Monday, June 15, 2009

Ugh! That's all I can say! Ugh!

The boys have all been sick for what seems like forever, but actually we're going on 4 weeks this Wednesday. It all started with Tucker, and I thought he was having issues with milk or something he was eating, so we kept up our normal life {not quarantined, like now}. I started working on his diet. Then, Taylor got sick, not too bad, just a 24 hour bug of sorts - the same morning, it hit me, but only that one day. It just so happens, the night before, I cooked hamburger mac n cheese and we ALL ate it. So, I'm thinking it was the meat. {It was the first time the boys ever had hamburger meat} Then Brayden and Carter get it over that weekend. Today, I thought is was coming to an end as we only had a few dirty diapers today and they were just acting like they felt better. So, I introduced dairy back into their diets via yogurt and for dinner they had plain, unseasoned black beans - everything else was still from the BRAT diet. They were fine all day, we put them to bed, less than an hour later Brayden has thrown up everything and is refusing drink and acting sickly again.


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Aunt Diana said...

Jessica, I am so sorry the boys are still sick. Poor babies, I know they are miserable. Hopefully they will be at the end of this battle real soon.

The Lloyd Family said...

Thanks, I hope so too. 4 weeks today. We just left the dr. We're collecting samples for him and they don't reveal anything he said the next step would be the pedi gi specialist and I DO NOT want to go to him!