Written by Jessica on Thursday, June 25, 2009
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I lost my blog list of all the wonderful blogs I love to read, AGAIN. But I have good news, it will never happen again, for 2 reasons. 1. I'm becoming a 'follower' of them if the option is there and 2. I know know how to add that widget into the template beforehand so it will automatically pick them up. Hey, you live and learn.

Also, I think I have the IE, FF problem fixed. No matter your browser, it should conform now. Right? Does it look right to everyone? I opened the page with both Internet Explorer and FireFox with no issues.

Lastly, if I used to read your blog and it no longer shows, PLEASE let me know. I you read mine, and I haven't found yours, please let me know. I don't read books at night, I read blogs - much more interesting.

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Helene said...

Your blog looks perfect to me! I can see the 3 columns!

I've been getting the same error message on my blog as well as other blogs too. I think it's a problem between Blogger and IE. I've had to use Firefox a few times and that seems to work okay, though I don't like the way Firefox makes everything look. The fonts are wierd!!

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

It looked all crazy so I just hit refresh and it looked normal! Thanks for following I joined your "fan club" as well!!

Kristen said...

your blog looks beautiful!! I see a three column layout now :)

Anonymous said...

i see 3 also but iam at work i dont know what i will see at home how are the boys better i hope love mom