Written by Jessica on Saturday, June 27, 2009
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I only have a minute, so here's some pictures!
Taylor's latest snaggle look, he has now lost 5 teeth and is having 1 pulled on the 9th because he doesn't have enough room in his mouth.

Enjoying the summer!

What is it about the sprinkler that causes neighborhood kids to congregate?

Carter is getting 2 new teeth, including a molar which is making him a little grumpy and clingy. We have a total count of 19, almost 21 teeth!

We've gone over 24 hours without any tummy virus related messes, so dare I say, we may have gotten rid of this awful, awful virus!!

Here's a random picture of Brayden that's so sweet.

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Jen said...

They are getting so cute and big! Congrats on the 24 hours with no runny poop! Isn't it wonderful?! We need to get together for a playdate soon!