Written by Jessica on Saturday, April 25, 2009

Taylor's school fundraiser is over. He turned in a grand total of $490. We've collected $25 more, {$515 total! WOW!} but since it was an online donation it didn't go towards the school total - but it goes towards the great cause nonetheless.

As I mentioned, Taylor's school was offering a reward for the top 8 fundraisers and Taylor was one of the top 8! So, he's going to Monkey Joe's in a Limo the day before the walk during school. He's so excited. I don't know how much the school was able to raise yet, I'm excited to find out though. We're still collecting donations (now through the link on the right) through the day of the walk.

Thank you all so much for supporting Taylor, and more importantly the March of Dimes.

I can't wait for the walk! I hope to see you there!

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Jessica said...

That is awesome...WAY TO GO TAYLOR! Have fun at Monkey Joe's!!