Written by Jessica on Monday, April 06, 2009

We had a busy weekend, but at least we finally had sun for at least half of it. Saturday Taylor had his first game, and we kicked it off bright and early with a ceremony. Taylor played well. He was the lead off hitter and he was 4 for 4. Wade was the first base coach and the boys and I were the cheerleaders.

We left the house at 8 and the wasn't over until after 11. The boys enjoyed being outside, but they got sleepy at towards the end. Carter even fell asleep in the choo choo wagon!

Tucker loving the sun:

After a quick meal and a quick nap, we headed out to see the Easter Bunny!
Here's the official bunny picture:
We had one with all the little boys smiling, but Taylor was looking off. {sigh}

They had such a beautiful setup outside, I couldn't resist taking some pictures of my own. The Easter Bunny packed up and left a few minutes after we took pictures, so it worked out well that we had the 'set' to ourselves.

Mamaw stopped by to see the boys:

They had a box of sidewalk chalk for everyone to doodle on the sidewalk. ..such a great and fun idea!
When we got home I took a couple of pictures of myself with both pairs of my new glasses on. Most people tell me they like the second pair best. I'm completely undecided and just trying my best to wear them at least half the time.
(I took the bottom one first and realized I didn't have lipstick on - so I only have lips in one pic)

2 i *heart* comments!:

Aunt Diana said...

I think I like the second pair better, also. You are still beautiful even without lipstick.

[Hailes] said...

i like the second pair too!