Written by Jessica on Friday, April 10, 2009

This post will stay here, on top, until the day of our March of Dimes walk on April 25th.
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Since the funds Taylor and I raise need to go towards his school's total, we are collecting the funds in the form of cash or checks, made payable to the March of Dimes so that we can include them in the school envelope provided. Also - that means, for the contest, we have to have everything turned in by April 3.

We are still our own team, and we will walk as a team. The funds are going to roll into a school total. Obviously, this cause is close to my heart because of the babies it helps. But this particular fundraiser is also important to me because Taylor and I are doing it in a joint effort. I can't wait to see the impact this has on all the kids once they see the grand total their efforts have raised for babies. This is going to be such a valuable lesson and experience for him.

Please consider donating! Every dollar counts! Email me for more info!
Here are the donations I have received so far! Thank you so much!


$100 - Uncle James, Aunt Patricia, and their 3 beautiful boys - Walking
$10 - Taylor Lloyd (this is ALL his tooth fairy money!!) - Walking
$25 - Mrs. Carol and Mr. Lawrence Chunn - not walking
$25 - Uncle Cliff, Aunt Sandy and Ryan - Walking
$5 - Mr. Al and Mrs. Nancy Tatom - not walking
$5 - Bob - not walking
$30 - Mimi and Grandaddy - Walking
$100 - Mamaw and Papaw - Walking
$15 - Crystal Shahid - not walking
$25 - Memaw - Walking
$25 - Red Oak Golf Course - Mr Page - not walking
$50 - Jenny Smith - not walking
$100 - Wade and Jessica Lloyd - Walking {of course!}
$515 TOTAL!!

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Lani said...

Great fundraising! And thank you for joining our network and adding our button!