Written by Jessica on Tuesday, December 02, 2008

We've had a lot going on lately. I've had a migraine for the past 2 days, but seem to be feeling a little better tonight. I'm still going to go to bed early and try to get some good rest. We had a great Thanksgiving. We ate lots of turkey and pecan pie.. Mmmm. I think I gained 5 lbs! ... at least I feel like I did! Here's a picture of Carter trying turkey for the first time... His expression sums up how they all three felt about turkey:

Here's Uncle Brad carving the turkey Wade fried for us:

Taylor wanted a leg we let him have one thinking there was no way he'd eat it.

But he proved us wrong:

I wish Carter was in this picture. I was dressing Carter and I walked into the room to find these 3 like this, so I had to hurry and snap it!

On Friday I did a little shopping. Since I took the handmade for the holidays pledge, I didn't have a lot to buy, but JoAnn's had a big sale and I stocked up on some fabric and other odds and ends for some of the gifts I'm making. Later in the day we put up the tree, and the lights and wreaths outside.

The tooth fairy came Sunday night. Here's Taylor's new smile:

I made a special tooth fairy pillow that hangs on the door nob so the tooth fairy could get the tooth easier...

Bama 36 -Auburn 0


We took lot's of sweet Christmas pictures this weekend. I'm going to try to get them posted soon...

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Jen said...

Love the pictures! Sorry about your headache. I wish I would have known about JoAnns sale! I NEED fabric, BAD! Are you going on Friday? We will be there around 4:30p to eat dinner there.

Jessica said...

I LOVE that pillow! You should make and sell those!

What a beautiful family!