Written by Jessica on Tuesday, December 30, 2008

10. facebook - I'm doing the facebook thing now... ; )
9. re-organizing the house
8. cleaning the house
6. wii
5. Taylor's home from school
4. cooking and dishes
3. 3 babies
2. wii
1. I'm back in school!!

Yesterday was officially my first day back in school. I'm working on a Master's in Elementary Education. Yup, thinking of changing careers completely. I'm not 100% sure, but now seems like a good time to get it if I ever am. Right now I'm having to learn to balance everything again, with school in the mix.

On top of that, you may have noticed that the wii has been somewhat of a distraction. Santa brought it for Taylor and while I can't say Wade and I have enjoyed it as much as Taylor, we've certainly enjoyed our fair share! We usually start around 10pm and finish 1-2 am ish.... It's addictive!!

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Jessica said...

I really want a wii. I played over the holidays and was sore the next day. What a workout. I was boxing, not a pretty sight! :)