Written by Jessica on Sunday, December 28, 2008

We had a great Christmas. I will post pictures soon. It's a little after midnight now and I thought I'd just try to partially fulfil my blogging duties by giving a quick update.

We went to my in-laws on Christmas Eve where the babies got their first taste of wrapping paper - literally! On Christmas morning, my dad came and all the boys awoke bright and early to see what Santa brought. The babies of course had to eat first and Taylor had a to wait 10 more agonizing minutes to get under the tree. I think he would agree that the wait was well worth it thought, he got his Wii and Soccer ball, along with many other surprises from Santa. Later in the afternoon, we went to Mamaw and Papaw's for yet another set of presents and dinner.

We were all tremendously spoiled and we now have to reorganize to accommodate our new toys.

We have enjoyed our family and eachother so much this week. More to come soon!

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