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I just realized tonight that I hadn't given an update on Tucker's head scan. I guess that saying, "No news is good news" would be appropriate here. The doctor said his head looks fine and no action is needed at this time. We've really been working to keep him off the 'flatter' side of his head. Luckily, this child has discovered he can move and go where ever he wants, so he's rarely lying on the back of his head these days.

We got a call from the Medical Center concerning the evaluation we requested and after a fairly lengthy conversation with the nurse there, we decided to get all three evaluated. Our appointment is in January. When she called I told her that Tucker caught up to his brothers overnight. Literally, he did, overnight. Now, Tucker is the first to start to crawl. Oh, my, it gives me butterflies in my tummy to think about all 3 crawling. But it's coming...SOON!

So, in January the boys will be evaluated by a nutritionist, neonatologist, a physical therapist, and some other 'ists' that I can't remember. It's a complete check up to ensure they are developmentally age appropriate. When I couldn't decide if I should do it or not, I asked the nurse what she would do and she said, "It's free, my mom taught me to take advantage of the free things in life." It's free?! SIGN ME UP!

Not all news is good news, however. There is a very, very sad day approaching. A day that I have known will come, but I've ignored and denied it. I couldn't bear the thought.

Soon, we will have to store away the swings and bouncy seats. *gasp*

*sniffle* *sniffle*


Here's proof:

If this picture isn't clear enough, let me explain. Carter is grabbing the 2 side bars and pulling himself up. That can't be safe. That's not the worst of it. The other twists, turns, and self propelling acts that take place in the swings can't be photographed. I'm too busy grabbing them with both hands to help them out of their tangled predicament. Brayden is the only boy who is still content just kicking back in the swings. Maybe I'll keep one out for him...

Why do I love the swings so? When they aren't performing the above mentioned acrobatics, the enjoy a quick cat nap when the day gets too long:

*Kate, if you're reading this, Tucker especially likes to hold things when he sleeps. The cuddly bunny you gave him is his fave next to a finger.*

Is it Christmas yet?

We're counting down on our Advent Calendar! Each day Taylor gets to take an ornament from the appropriate day and use it to decorate the felt tree. He has so much fun and loves being able to count down the days!

Christmas yet or not, the boys are very, very interested in the tree. And although I lay them on the other side of the room. They manage to get to the tree to check it out.

Want to know how hard this picture was to get?

This should give you an idea:

The tree was much more intriguing than I, no matter what how much I quacked like a duck, made squeaking noises or rattled every rattle in the house; the tree was the clear winner.

My sweet Brayden Bear.

Aunt Sonya, Brayden was very disappointed he didn't get to talk to you last night!

I can't believe Taylor is 6 and the boys are 7 months already!!!!

NICU Reunion Tree Lighting

Each year the Medical Center has a NICU reunion/Tree lighting ceremony for NICU graduates. They had punch and cookies and Santa and elves. They engraved commemorative ornaments for each baby with the year and their respective names. We got to see some of the nurses and doctors that cared for our babies those first 11 scary days. One of the nurses that cared for the babies before they were born was even there and she got to meet the babies for the first time. It was so good to see everyone, including their pediatrician there.

I was reminded of how appreciative I am to be at such a great hospital with so many great nurses and doctors. They cared for my babies in ways that I couldn't, with great expertise and experience. They made me stronger and taught me how to care for my tiny babies. They loved, held, fed, nurtured, and cared for my babies when I couldn't. They answered my calls during the night to give me updates, they'd tell me things like they were able to get Tucker to eat 20 cc'c in the 30 minutes allotted. My we've come a long way! They even made me feel comfortable a few times when I'd crawl out of bed late at night, a wreck, and go up there to just to see them. They comforted me when I cried. Sometimes I cried because I was overwhelmed at the thought that the 3 babies in the isolettes were all mine, coming home with me, and depending on me. Sometimes I cried because I was scared for them, scared they were having to fight too hard, too early in life. Sometimes I cried because my heart would break every time they whimpered or I heard their strong cries from inside their isolettes. No matter why I cried, they were their to comfort me. It was great to see them all again. I will look forward to this annual event for years to come.

Jen, Brett, and their trio were there as well. Sweet Anna is leading the pack (in the pic below)with her adorable bow and sparkling amber necklace followed by Bo then Alex. (i think) It's always great to see them. Wade and I also got to check out their choo choo wagon in person. Apparently it's the thing to have when you have 1 year old triplets. I'm so undecided. I have a few stroller options now that all work just fine. But how fun would that be to have for strolls in the park. Just strolls though.. Serious walking would still have to be done using the joggin stroller (the one I have in the pic below). And shopping would still have to be done with the tandem (in line) stroller. Right now the best stroller thing we have going is the double snap and go and then wearing one. This is great for a lot of reasons. Mainly, because I only have to unbuckle 1 baby from their car seat, the others stay in theirs and they just snap right into the stroller frame. Oh, so nice! And it fits through doors and steers easily. Unfortunately, when the boys turn a year (roughly) we'll have to give up our carry car seats for the upright stationery seats. That will be another very, very, very sad day. So, that means I'll be losing a stroller. So, that means I have to get another to replace it... right? So, should I get the choo choo wagon??? Hmm. ...another stroller conundrum!

The Tree

Brayden's final thoughts: "NO MORE PICTURES, PLEASE!"

So, here's a fun one of Carter and Tucker. Carter's declaring victory, but I'm not sure... Tucker flipped over and took Carter's paci a few minutes later.

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Jen said...

You did get it right (Bo and then Alex)! We were the last ones to leave by the time we got done changing all of them! It cleared out by 7:30pm! It was great seeing you guys! We do take the Choo Choo shopping (Target and such). They sit SO well in it!