Written by Jessica on Friday, December 19, 2008

They may be sick, but they're still busy! Tucker has started sitting up on his own now. He goes from a crawling position to a seated position and sometime back to crawling, other times he falls over on his head and laughs! He may be the smallest (and the sickest right now), but he's a busy little boy.

Tucker has a bad cough and sinus drainage issues that are making it hard for him to eat and when he does, he coughs so much it comes back up, so he's drinking a little pedialyte.

Bless his heart, he looks so bad in this picture:

Carter is getting sick now. Well, he is sick actually. He's a very needy sick baby. He wants to be close to you, but not necessarily held. He's a busy, busy mischievous little guy too.

He collects all the paci's he can find. No wonder our germs are spreading!

This picture says it all... You can see the tree skirt he's torn apart as well as his brother's candy cane from school that he snatched from the tree.

Brayden's got a slightly runny nose, but it hasn't really got him yet. He actually slept last night!

5 i *heart* comments!:

rachael said...

i hope they feel better soon!

Jen said...

It must be going around. Mine all the same thing. Maybe we all got it from the NICU Party. I know someone else that was there with her twins and newborn and ALL got sick, the same stuff we have.

Colleen Pate said...

Sorry the boys are sick. That is no fun. Hudson is sick. He has had a horrible cough and cold for like 3 weeks. He now has an ear infection. That was Hudson and Brad at the Doctor. He is feeling so much better now that he is on antibiotics. We have had 2 nights of great sleep. Hope your kiddos feel better soon.

~ MJ ~ said...

UGH I hope they are all better by xmas. Take care and don't you be getting sick!

Jessica said...

I hope they feel better soon! They are seriously so cute!