Written by Jessica on Thursday, December 04, 2008

Taylor's been exposed to Karate since he was 3 years old. An instructor would come to his class 30 minutes a week. Then, this summer, he started a summer Karate program going a minimum of 3 hours a week. He enjoyed it and picked up on the initial forms quickly. We continued going, just not as often during the early fall; as he was finishing up summer ball and starting kindergarten. Recently, he's been going at least 2 days a week, sometimes 3. He loves it and decided he wanted to test for the next level belt. He had a private session and tested the same week.



We're so proud of our yellow belt!

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Anonymous said...

we are proud of you also taylor you keep up the good work we love you MAMAW & PAPAW

Jessica said...

How AWESOME Taylor!

Crystal Shahid said...

Congratulations Taylor!!!

~ MJ ~ said...

Yay way to go Taylor!
Do you think you could teach me some cool moves? ;)