Written by Jessica on Monday, January 10, 2011

Today, Aiken, SC has officially closed down.  The schools, daycares, municipal offices, pediatric clinics, you name it, closed!  We woke up this morning to a wonderful winter storm and the boys were SO excited!  It snowed the day after Christmas, but it was a wet, short lived snow that the little boys didn't even play in because it was so mushy and wet.  Not this snow!  It snowed for a few hours then came the freezing rain which encapsulated the snow with a hard candy like shell.  The boys had a blast!  Here are a few pics of  their snowy winter fun!

I feel the need to add the disclosure, I didn't take Livi Grace (my camera) out to play in the snow.  There was way too much snow and ice flying in my direction to take her out, so these are all with my cybershot point and shoot.

Tuck finding out that ice is a lil slippery:

Taylor getting smashed with a snowball by Carter:

Don't let sweet Tuck fool you, I didn't get a shot of his face, but the blue jacket gives him away.  He was looking for me I'm sure, Tuck picked on me the whole time!

 Brayden bracing for impact:

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