Written by Jessica on Friday, January 28, 2011

Parents of multiples often get asked if their multiples have special ways of communicating together, or a special language only they know.  I can't speak for all multiples, but here's my thoughts on my boys.

At two and a half years old they have the vocabulary to pretty much convey to me anything they want.  Their birth order is Carter first, Brayden second, and Tucker third.  In that same order their dictation and pronunciation of words goes from best to worst.  I can understand MOST of what Carter is saying, if not, I can ask him questions until I figure out the mystery word.  I can understand MOST of what Brayden is saying, if not, I ask him questions until he takes me and shows me or until Carter clears up the misunderstanding by saying it clearer or in a different way.  I can understand A LOT of what Tucker says.  However, if I don't understand him he gets frustrated and can't or won't try to work with me in answering questions he just starts saying the mystery word over and over and sometimes whining or crying or throwing something etc.  Tuck's very laid back and sweet, but boy does he ever have a temper.  That's where his brothers come in.  Should the notion strike them and they decide to help ole momma bear out, they'll tell sometimes successfully get me to understand what he's saying.  A secret code language?  They understand each other, but I don't...  But I don't know.  I think maybe it's less of their own language and just a baby dialect variation that they are lucky enough to have 2 others around at all times that know their broken English dialect well enough to carry on conversations with one another with ease.  Whatever it is, it is definitely special.

As they laugh and play together it seems they can predict the others thoughts and movements and feelings before they're apparent to others.  There is no doubt they are close brothers and close friends.  They look after each other and always know where their counterparts are at.  When one's in time out, the others anxiously await and often ask for the jailed party to come out.  They love one another and there is a special bond between them all, including their older brother who likes to mimic the pronunciation short falls they sometimes have. 

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