Written by Jessica on Monday, January 31, 2011

Basketball Season is well underway and Taylor is loving it!  Taylor's been in every sport (except soccer) that we've been able to get him in.  He's loved them all and been pretty good at everything he's played, but he's really liking basketball.  I don't know if it has something to do with his age - maybe as he's getting older and understanding the fun and sport of it or maybe it's basketball...  We'll find out next month, he starts baseball at the end of February.  Hopefully he'll be just as "in-to" it as he is basket ball. 


on a photography related note - I'm not liking basketball!   The lighting paired with the speed of motion out there is making it hard for me to get clear, crisp, non-blurred photos.  When I increase my shutter speed, there isn't enough light.  So, what's the trick?!  btw - these were with a zoom lens, 55-200mm 5.6f/s - I'm thinking the lens f/s limitation may be my problem.  ??

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