Written by Jessica on Friday, January 01, 2010

I've been a bad blogger lately. Wade has moved to South Carolina; so I've been a single mom most of the time. Thankfully, Wade's been able to come home a couple weekends a month to give me a small, but appreciated break. A lot has happened that I want to document on my online baby book/diary of life events, aka my blog. ;)

We finished our first season of football as coach and team mom. We survived and learned a lot. Mostly, that no matter how hard you try, you can't please everyone. It's a sad truth that always upsets me.

We've put our house on the market. This is our first home. We closed on it February 21, 2001. We've had 4 kids here and learned a lot about life here. It's kinda bittersweet when I think of selling it to someone else. But I'm excited about the new adventure, whatever it may be.

Tucker is so attached to his big brother. It drives Taylor crazy at times.. like here, when he's trying to play his game. But Tuck loves hanging out with him and laughs so hard he loses his breath when they play. Taylor is such a good, and patient big brother.

I love making the boys things. One of my projects this Christmas was "Quiet Books" for all the boys. Sadly, I didn't finish in time for Christmas, but will have them done soon. Here are some of the "pages."

The 'blast off' page: the rocket moves up and down the ribbon.

Carter isn't my favorite or anything, just the first one I did. ;)

The barn. The animals are finger puppets.

Each book will have 12 pages front and back - so 24 scenes total. I'm making them all different and fun. I can't wait to finish them all. The pages will be sewn together and have a clean finished look, unlike their current state.

My 2nd big project for them was 100 hand.painted.blocks.

Here are a couple older pictures I'm just getting to. They are from Thanksgiving weekend, which we spend at our friends, Clay and Amy's house in Lexington, SC. The boys were checking out their cat with great intensity.

We had Thanksgiving dinner at Clay and Amy's Church, then played on the playground afterwords.

As I mentioned earlier, Wade's been gone a lot. Here's the boys reaction after 2 weeks of missing Daddy.

We had a mystery gift left at our door one morning. A truck for Taylor and 3 books for the boys. Here's Tuck reading the book he just tore out of the bag.

My 5 favorite boys. ho.ho.ho!

They were over the Santa hats by the time I got on the other side of the camera.

Twas the night before Christmas...

Christmas morning:

Christmas Day at Mamaw and Papaws:

Taylor with his new Crayon Maker, it melts small crayons and drops them into a mold to make them big again:

The boys room goes from this:

to this:

in the blink of an eye.

The boys love their new chairs Mamaw gave them for Christmas.

Lego's anyone?

in other news, we're becoming more civilized and eating from plates now without throwing them. They are even telling me when they are hungry by saying "eeeeeee" (eat) and "all duh" (all done) when they are finished. Much better than screaming until I figure out that they're hungry and throwing their food when they're full. We've come a long way. They're talking more and more, repeating lots of what I say.

That brings us to New Years. Here's Taylor while he was watching the fireworks show our neighbors brought over to our house and shot off for us.

Happy New Year!!! (fireworks show over.)


One more shot of our civilized diners:

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Beth said...

Jessica, great update! I know it must be sad to be selling your house, I would feel the same way. Also, I am laughing about your comments about civilized eating. :) I so understand and am right there with you. Libby has made great strides, but still tosses her cup or food from time to time and it's so frustrating, not to mention rude! I can't imagine all of that times three. In case no one has told you today -you are a hero...EVERYDAY! Enjoyed the picutres!

john cave osborne said...

i just wanted to say that i think your family is beautiful and good luck with your move! we have an older sibling for our triplets, too. "big sissy" was six when they were born.

happy new year!

Jessica said...

You are such a good mommy! I would love to make one of those books! Did you have a pattern...you are so creative!

The boys are all getting so big!

aa said...