Written by Jessica on Tuesday, December 15, 2009
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The answer to that varies depending on which of my kids you ask.

Tucker: Definitely no friend of his.
Brayden: He's a very comfy, cool guy.
Carter: Although you can't tell by this picture, he was okay.
Taylor: Definitely leaning towards foe. I mean, what kind of guy threatens to take Christmas from you if you don't behave?!

School Santa Picture: We still have to go see the real Santa at the mall...
Can you tell by Taylor's eyes that he's not buying into this Santa at all? He was quite upset at this "disguised Santa."

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Beth said...

I'll admit it, I haven't even attempted to take Libby to see Santa. She doesn't even like being handed over to people she knows, much less a big, hairy man. I just don't think I can take all the screaming and back-arching! :)

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