Written by Jessica on Monday, July 06, 2009

Happy belated Independence Day!!

We had a great weekend that started off with some yummy summer treats.

The boys' had their first bites of watermelon.

..and first cheetos.

We played a little hide and go seek.

We ate dinner OUT.

We took a trip to the new AMAZING National Infantry Museum.

Then, it was off to watch the sun set on the Chattahoochee.

Taylor threw a dart and hit a balloon and won a prize!

The boys needed a little cheerio snack during the beautiful fireworks show.

The next day we went to Providence Canyon, aka "The Little Grand Canyon."

Click on the picture below to make it big and check out Carter's feelings on the Little Grand Canyon!

Next, off to Camp Sumter, aka "Andersonville" for a history lesson.

We still have a few other places we'd like to visit as part II of our 2009 Summer Stay-Cation.
Others on our list include:
The Little White House
and Warm Springs
Callaway Gardens
The Columbus Museum
The Montgomery Zoo

National Civil War Naval Museum

Click here to see 2008's Summer Stay-Cation.

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Colleen Pate said...

Jessica, You have such an adorable family. I am jealous of all your stay-cation fun! We have been wanting to take Hudson to the Montgomery Zoo. Let me know how it is. We went to the Atlanta Zoo last summer and had a great time!

Jen said...

The Little White House is right down the road from our house, about 5 minutes! If you all go to it, let us know and you guys can over and we will cookout! The Columbus Museum is loads of fun (the toddler room was the best)!

The Lloyd Family said...

Colleen - We went to the Atlanta Zoo last year too and I can't imagine the Montgomery Zoo being any better. I thought Atl was AWESOME. I will let you know after we go!

Jen - We'll try to plan something! Not sure when we're going to go... I'll let you know. I used to take Taylor to the Cols Museum, but haven't ventured out with the boys yet... So far they've been excellent travelers! Knock on wood.

Kristen said...

they are seriously too cute!!

Beth said...

Looks like fun. And y'all are so good to get out with all four boys, you don't seem hesitant at all - you're a tough and wonderful mom!

BTW, we're ready for y'all to come visit our Sunday School class. We have a fun group and the nursery workers are usually their around 9:20, SS starts at 9:30 (we usually don't start up until 9:45). Come anytime, we'd love to have you!

The Lloyd Family said...

Thanks Kristen and Beth!

Beth, as soon as the boys are better, we're coming back to Church!

Family American Style. said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for sharing. I am starting a new game It’s… What would your children say? Wednesday. It will be fun, I Hope you can join.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

GREAT shots! Wow - you were uploading for hours, huh? :)

Love that wagon train. That is so adorable.

I have made that cake for fourth of July before - it is so so yummy!

Jenny Smith said...

Jessica! You and Wade are amazing parents! I'm so impressed with how much y'all do with the boys. I think I would be so scared to venture out with so many little ones! You're awesome!
On another note... Sorry I've been a horrible friend and haven't contacted you lately! I hope you guys still love me! =) Love, Jenny