Written by Jessica on Friday, July 03, 2009

My sweet babies are 14 months today!

They've had somewhat of a rough month, being sick the entire time. Nonetheless, they are still growing and doing well.

Carter is running around the house gibbering and stealing toys from his brothers. He is occasionally sweet to his brothers, but most of the time he is very bossy and rules the house. When he's ready to go outside, he grabs my keys, purse, anything that resembles "leaving" and he opens, YES OPENS, the main door and turns around and says, "bye-bye." It's so sweet, but also scary! We still have a glass storm door that he can't open yet... YET. Carter will bust out in dance every time he hears music of any sort. He knows the word "dance" and will light up and start cutting a rug when I say it.

Brayden lives up to his nick name Brayden Bear and continues to be my cuddly teddy bear. He has just started walking, and he's so happy to finally be able to walk and get around like his brothers. He is starting to develop a little temper like his brother, Carter. I think it has more to do with imitating behavior than temper, at least I hope so. Brayden has an insatiable hunger. If you ever see him eat, you'd think he hadn't eaten in days.

Tucker is a calm busy body. He's very persistent, sort of like a gnat... a sweet, adorable gnat. If you have something and he wants it, he will not give up. He will move mountains piece by piece to get to what he wants. He's very funny to watch. Tuck is often the last one eating; he eats slow and steady, and everything. He's the least picky of the boys. Tucker's been the sickest of all and he's possibly back under 20 pounds.

All the boys love playing pat a cake. They will stop and clap every time I start singing it. The itsy bitsy spider will also stop them in their tracks. They say, mama, dada, and bye bye. When I ask them is they want "more" they let me know, so they know what it means. They also know what "juice" is, and if I say it, they want it NOW! They hold the phone up to their ear as if they are talking on it and when I tell them the phone is for them, they laugh and put it to their ear. They love their big brother and love playing in the floor with him and playing hide and go seek. They can't hide, but they search hard for their brother and laugh hysterically when they find him. It's the cutest thing ever.

I can't wait for the boys to experience their first Independence Day tomorrow. I know Carter and Taylor will LOVE the fireworks, I'm not sure how Tucker and Brayden will react... we will see!

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Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

It sound so close to what the boys were like at that age (i.e.Itsy-Bitsy spider, everything is a phone, etc) Happy 14th month to the kiddos and to you!