Written by Jessica on Thursday, July 10, 2008

The boys turned 2 months old July 3rd. My how time flys when you're having fun!
We had their 2 month check up July 7th; here's their latest stats:
Carter - 11lbs 7oz, 21.75" long, 15" head
Brayden - 11lbs 12oz, 21" long, 15.25" head
Tucker - 10lbs 10oz, 21.50" long, 14.5" head
Dr. Ellison gave them all a clean bill of health. He doesn't want to put Carter on meds for his reflux. Instead we're going to try giving him a little rice cereal as well as using a formula with rice starch that thickens in his tummy. I like that idea much better than medicine. Brayden may have a hernia; we have to keep an eye on it, hopefully it will heal itself over time if not, surgery will be required. Brayden also has a rashy body that led the dr to think he may have signs of eczema, only time will tell I guess. Apparently Brayden is also short and fat, so he is going to regular formula as is Tucker. Tucker is doing good. His appetite seems to be picking up, so he may catch up to his brothers by our next appointment. After our appointment with the pediatrician, we had to head over to the Medical Center for an x-ray of Tucker's right leg. In all the excitement of getting ready for the appointment Monday, dad accidentally stepped on Tucker's leg. The dr said it was fine, but Wade needed to be sure before he could feel better. The x-ray did indeed prove all was fine, Tucker was still whole, and dad felt better. We arrived at the dr office at 10am and left the Med Ctr at 3:30pm; a full day of drs was enough for me for a while and I must say, Taylor was not happy. After their examination, the boys each received 5 injected vaccinations in the thighs and 1 vaccination by mouth. They each cried for about 1/2 a second and then they were fine. Taylor couldn't understand why they didn't cry more. He was disappointed I think, he was hoping they would at least cry longer than he did when he got his last set of shots... Last night, with the drs blessing, we gave the boys 1 teaspoon of cereal in their milk - they slept 6 hours...Coincidence?? Many people are against cereal before 4-6 months, especially if the sole reasoning for the cereal is to extend sleeping periods. The dr said it won't help them sleep longer, but he thought it would be good to help keep them satisfied a little longer. I'm very rigid with their eating schedule. I have to be with 3 babies, but at times, they get hungry after only 2 1/2 hours and if I can't get them calm, I supplement them with 2 ounces so that I can satisfy them and yet still keep them on the schedule. What can I say? We have hungry, hungry boys... but a little cereal leads to greater satisfaction. I can't help it if a byproduct of that is more sleep! = )

We had an uneventful 4th of July. Taylor got a few fireworks. Mostly tankers, trucks, and airplane type things that race on the ground. He loved it and can't wait until "firework night" again. He said it was "the best night of his life."
We found a swing set on clearance at Toys R Us and we ended up getting over 50% off the original price. We had been looking for one, and you know I love a good deal, so we had to jump on it. As it turns out, we got the last one in the store... it was meant to be. Then we got it home and we started thinking, that huge swing set is all packed into those three little boxes??? At that moment, we knew we were in trouble!

Day 1

At least 8-10 full hours of work with help from George

Day 2

Day 2 was only about half a day of work, with help from Uncle Cliff.

Day 3

Just a few hours after work with more help from George got the climbing wall, slide, and other swings attached.

We still have to finish the roof, finish anchoring the slide, assemble and attach the picnic table and tic-tac-toe game and anchor the swing legs. Hopefully I can post a finished picture after this weekend.

Thanks George and Uncle Cliff for your help!!!

And now, for an update on Taylor's sports adventures. He earned a blue stripe in Karate. He has mastered the lessons taught to this point. After he earns another stripe, he can test for the next belt (yellow). He really likes going and has said he wants to learn enough to start teaching and helping other beginners.

Tuesday he went to his first coach pitch baseball practice. He wasn't incredibly excited about going. He said he wanted to, but when they day came, he said we should just wait until the next day, he wanted to play on his swing set more. Maybe he was a little nervous, or maybe he just didn't know what to expect and therefore didn't know that it may be fun. So after an hour and 15 minute practice, we asked him what he thought. He said, "I want to do that everyday!" I guess he liked it. The team is a mixture of 5 and 6 year olds, some that have played before and some that haven't. Tyson, one of Taylor's friends from school, is on his team, and Clayton. Taylor didn't know Clayton before Tuesday, but Wade and I know his family. So, it's nice that we all had some familiarity there and it all wasn't completely foreign to us. It was the boys first time being outside that long. It was a fairly cool afternoon for July in Alabama, but they still got pretty hot and a little fussy towards the end. Wade and I had to hurry and get bottles in their mouths as soon as we got home. We got a side by side stroller for outdoor use and I love it! It makes outdoor strolling much easier and much more comfortable for the boys.

"Take me out to the ball game..."

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