Written by Jessica on Thursday, June 19, 2008

The boys are going to be 7 weeks this Saturday, and they have discovered their voices. Their very loud crying voices that is. Not much cooing and happy sounds yet. Just crys. All day; crys. I've separated their beds completely now. I kept trying and going back to the pack and play bassinet because it was so convenient, but I don't think it's safe to have that much weight in it anymore. But I just don't think that's what's wrong. I lay them together on the floor and they still cry. They don't even notice each other at this point. They're usually fine when I hold them. The only problem is that I'm way outnumbered. Since Taylor has started staying home with us, he's feeling a little jealousy and trying to get attention any way he can. Overall, he's behaving well, but when he gets bored or the babies are crying a lot and getting attention, he becomes very demanding. Every thing's getting a little more difficult. I can't wait until the babies start responding to me and smiling because they're happy, not just gassy. I think once I start getting that from them it will help make the day a little more rewarding and therefore not as difficult. ...I hope anyways. Meanwhile, here's what things look like around here a lot these days. Notice their shirts...

Tucker keeps spitting his snooze button out!

No such thing as snoozin with Brayden!

Let's not forget about Carter.

I know, I know. My babies are crying and I'm taking pictures! What kind of mom am I?

I managed to catch Brayden smiling...He must be gassy. = )

Taylor has learned to ride his bike without training wheels! He didn't have much of a choice, one of his training wheels bent in and fell off. He tried riding it with only one training wheel which, in the end, proved harder than none at all. It took him about 30 minutes and most of that time he was resisting and fussing. Once he made up his mind to do it, he was gone. Steering is still a bit of a challenge, and since he forgets about the brakes sometimes, he's had quite a few minor crashes.

Brushing off after crashing into the tree

About to crash into the grill

All clear!

Wade and I were able to take Taylor out for an evening thanks to Jenny, Heather, and Kendra. We ate at Lieutenants and played putt putt. It was nice to have some one on one time with Taylor. We all had a good time.

Can you tell by the smile who got a hole in one on the very first hole?!

That's all I have time for today. I've been working on this for 4 days now, so I'm excited to have gotten this far! I'm trying to juggle two boys now. Brayden's so tired from this morning, he's actually sleeping.
Here are some other pictures I thought you might enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Jessica, The boys are really growing and are BEAUTIFUL!! I know it is a little difficult now, but pretty soon there will be a lot more smiling and cooing and less crying for no reason. Hang in there and it looks as though you are doing a really good job. Love your updates. Love ya, Aunt Diana

Anonymous said...


Crystal Shahid said...

Hey Jess,

Hang in there. You have four beautiful boys that I know will make you proud. Please tell Taylor that I am proud of him for learning to ride his bike without training wheels. That's a big step!! Take care and I'll talk to you soon.

The Lloyd Family said...

Thanks Aunt Diana. I'm looking forward to those days. Sometimes I think I'm always looking foward to the 'next step' and not enjoying where I'm at right now. I'm trying to just enjoy the peaceful sweet moments with them now (like when they're asleep or after they've just eaten!) instead of looking forward.

Mom - Yes. Know any Mamaw's that would like to quit their job to become a full time nanny to 4 adorable sweet boys. Forget this last post, they never really cry... =)

Crystal - Thank you so much! I will pass on your praise to Taylor.

Carson said...

This is from Carson. I was at my Granny's house and I found your website. I saw all the pictures and I read the news. All of the babies are really cute! And when I'm older, can I baby-sit??? If you need help, call us and we will come over. We hope to see you soon, Carson.