Written by Jessica on Thursday, October 01, 2009
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Only have time for pictures today - I'm headed to Taylor's game.

Carter wanted to play with this BIG spider. Can you see him? Luckily I did before he got him in his hand!

The boys are going to be the last 3 little monkeys jumping on the bed for Halloween. Taylor's going to be the doctor that momma calls and the dr says, "No more monkey's jumping on the bed!"

Brayden got to be our model, and he loved it! He paraded around the house not wanting to take it off.

2 i *heart* comments!:

Beth said...

Love the costume ideas. I'm still in the thinking stages of deciding what to dress Libby up as. I have a problem when it comes to too many choices!

Have a good weekend!

Jen said...

You got them!!! Love the costumes!